• Internet research for companies – more options than you think

    You can do more research on the Internet than you assume. This is why we have compiled an overview for you. It shows the options of the World Wide Web, for instance to analyze competitors, find new customers, offer better products, select the right applicant or acquire information to assess your own company or products […]

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  • Online Competitor Analysis – Why and How

    By performing a competitor analysis you protect yourself against unpleasant surprises even before you establish your company. And if you already run a business it is helpful to keep an eye on the competition. In short, competitor analysis is one of the cornerstones of a successful business venture, especially on the World Wide Web. And […]

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  • Sentiment Analysis – What is it for?

    Sentiment analysis – What do people think of us? Do people like our company, our products, our campaigns, our service, or do they dislike us? This is a question that is crucial for marketing, because who is going to become a customer of a company they don’t like? Sentiment analysis was created to answer the […]

  • Customer Insight Management – Meaning, Challenges and Opportunities

    Customer information is of great value for any company. Using it they can determine strategies for the future, acquire their customers directly with individually tailored products, targeted offers as well as communication methods and lead them to conversion. However the knowhow, time and resources required to gather and evaluate this information are often lacking. For […]

  • Paid search results versus organic search results

    Do you have to pay to be found? The abbreviations SEO and SEA come up frequently in search engine marketing, also known as SEM. SEA stands for paid and SEO stands for organic serach results. However, what exactly do the abbreviations stand for? What are the respective advantages and disadvantages? Do you always have to […]

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  • Generating leads online: the 10 best tips

    In times of online marketing, generating leads online appears to be very straightforward. Simply build a landing page, put a bit of advertising on Facebook and off you go! However, if you have already attempted to generate high quality leads you know that there is more to it. Here are some of the best tips […]

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  • Landing Page: Build Cleverly and Avoid Mistakes

    Landing pages are one of the most important instruments of online marketing campaigns. The nice thing about them is: they can be created easily. For this you just need one of the many homepage builders or a good graphic program. But one look at different landing pages will demonstrate that the same mistakes are made […]

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  • Artificial Intelligence – Algorithms on the Rise

    Well-known innovations concerning computers and the internet have captured the market, define everyday life and delight users. With artificial intelligence ambitious researchers want to add a new dimension to technical development. Crowdsourcing helps computer systems with self-regulated machine learning. Watson is an intelligent, semantic computer program, which as a complicated question answering system, can process […]

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  • Storytelling – a many-sided marketing method

    The term storytelling describes a very old cultural technique and a modern phenomenon. Storytelling in marketing and communication of companies has proven to be an effective strategy to attract customers and involve employees. Storytelling booms nationwide: professional artists and amateurs tell traditional or freely invented stories at contests and festivals. Storytelling is used as a […]

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