• Internet research for companies – more options than you think

    You can do more research on the Internet than you assume. This is why we have compiled an overview for you. It shows the options of the World Wide Web, for instance to analyze competitors, find new customers, offer better products, select the right applicant or acquire information to assess your own company or products […]

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  • Artificial Intelligence – Algorithms on the Rise

    Well-known innovations concerning computers and the internet have captured the market, define everyday life and delight users. With artificial intelligence ambitious researchers want to add a new dimension to technical development. Crowdsourcing helps computer systems with self-regulated machine learning. Watson is an intelligent, semantic computer program, which as a complicated question answering system, can process […]

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  • Creating Online Lexica and Online Glossaries

    Online glossaries and lexica generate more SEO Traffic and higher Conversion Rates Corporate identity, crossmedia and workflow, resilience and synergy – the language of the modern world teems with Anglicisms, buzzwords and special terms whose meaning is not immediately clear to everyone. Online lexica and online glossaries can provide relief where internet surfers or media […]

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