• Twelve great SEO plugins for your WordPress

    WordPress is no longer a pure CMS blog. With the Content Management System news pages, shops, landing pages and much, much more can be generated. It is easy to use, very flexible and with very little training time even beginners can create their own web pages. In order to expand the functionality of the CMS, […]

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  • Paid search results versus organic search results

    Do you have to pay to be found? The abbreviations SEO and SEA come up frequently in search engine marketing, also known as SEM. SEA stands for paid and SEO stands for organic serach results. However, what exactly do the abbreviations stand for? What are the respective advantages and disadvantages? Do you always have to […]

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  • Landing Page: Build Cleverly and Avoid Mistakes

    Landing pages are one of the most important instruments of online marketing campaigns. The nice thing about them is: they can be created easily. For this you just need one of the many homepage builders or a good graphic program. But one look at different landing pages will demonstrate that the same mistakes are made […]

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  • Use of Images and Videos on Websites

    Photos, graphics and videos make up an integral component of today’s successful websites. Whether a company’s internet presence, an online store, or a portal for a gallery, museum or travel agency, the use of images and videos on websites effectively support the provided content and significantly enhance these websites for both users and search engines. […]

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  • Relevant web content increases the number of customers and visitors

    Search engines such as Google, increasingly go for target group specific content. Google users should receive a result that is individually tailored to their search inquiry. Google is increasingly relying on the direct delivery of matching keywords and information that are directly displayed to the Google user in the search result. As a result, SEO […]

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  • Creating Online Lexica and Online Glossaries

    Online glossaries and lexica generate more SEO Traffic and higher Conversion Rates Corporate identity, crossmedia and workflow, resilience and synergy – the language of the modern world teems with Anglicisms, buzzwords and special terms whose meaning is not immediately clear to everyone. Online lexica and online glossaries can provide relief where internet surfers or media […]

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