Job Description

As an innovative, entrepreneurial, and aggressive sales/business development professional, with a desire to experience a broad spectrum of the technology industry, you will help Martal Group and its clients, to grow our business. This role includes lead generation, relationship building and deal closing responsibility as well as the design and delivery of outbound sales strategies. Candidate should have good understanding of internet and IT technologies that will enable him/her to learn new solutions quickly and convey the compelling benefits of our client’s solutions to prospects in US and Canada.

Responsibilities & Scope of work

Fractional Sales Executive is a part-time role, enabling top-tier professional sales experience. Our Sales executives assist clients in product market fit, tweaking marketing collateral and developing campaign scripts. Following that, they are responsible for lead generation, account-based marketing, acquisition strategies and business model development:

Tier 1 — Lead generation

  • Developing pre-qualified leads lists — up to few thousands per month, using our databases.
  • Developing persona-based messaging templates
  • Outbound outreach (emails & calls) targeting prospects
  • Individually personalized outreach (Account Based Marketing)
  • Conversion tracking & KPI analytics
  • LinkedIn invites & messaging
  • Discovery calls

Tier 2 – Closing deals and clients onboarding

Candidates are required to articulate key product (marketing and technical) benefits to prospects, technical leads and non-technical influencers; negotiate and close deals, including contract development, to client targets.