How Martal helped


To increase sales and leads in the US market
20 000
Prospects generated/
Fabrizio De Pasquale

About DeepHow

Company Target and Verticals

DeepHow targets manufacturing managers at enterprise companies.

DeepHow provides an end-to-end solution that bridges the skills gap in manufacturing, service, and construction through an AI-powered knowledge capturing and learning platform with smart how-to strategies.

  • Industry AI Solution for Skilled Trades
  • Company Size 30
  • Headquarters Detroit, MI, USA

Responsible Team:

  • Michael Snook
    Michael Snook
    6 y. in B2B sales, Burlington, VT
  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews
    15 y. in Sales, La Paz, Mexico


What was the scope of Martal’s involvement

Through a variety of sales channels, Martal Group was able to launch productive outbound campaigns on behalf of DeepHow. By narrowing in on the distinct similarities of prospects that booked sales appointments, the Martal team identified the strategy that would increase sales-qualified leads.

Results and Feedback

The impact of the engagement

Martal’s campaigns resulted in DeepHow obtaining qualified leads from the US market.

  • 20000
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 15
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Martal Group collaborated with the DeepHow team to better understand their position in the market, the type of prospects they should target, and the problems to solve for those prospects. By providing weekly updates, DeepHow was able to maintain communication with Martal to gauge the impact of their partnership.

Sales strategies used

The Martal team created targeted lists and with Martal’s ability to consistently deliver qualified leads, they built email and LinkedIn campaign sequences as well as followed up through phone calls to generate tangible leads.

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