B2B Appointment Setting Services: One of the Best Ways to Grow Your Company [2024]

How Can Appointment Setting Services Grow My Company

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How Can Appointment Setting Services Grow My Company

Your sales team waste 50% of their time on the wrong prospects. That half of your sales departments’ labor hours and resources lost without anything to show for it.

What would your sales cycle look like if you claimed that time back?

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Why Is Appointment Setting Important in Lead Generation?

B2B appointment setting is highly effective when implementing lead generation strategies due to its precise approach. Appointment setters with expertise in identifying and engaging with prospects collaborate with sales and marketing to target potential customers who align with their ideal customer profile. This eliminates unqualified leads, saving time and resources while boosting conversion rates.

As a growing tech company, you don’t have to waste your resources chasing the wrong leads. There’s a better solution.

Here, we are going to answer your questions about partnering with a B2B appointment setting company, including:

What is “appointment setting” and why does my company need it?


How does Martal Group’s B2B appointment setting service work?


How will my team of appointment setters be structured?


Who can benefit from B2B appointment setting services?

What is “appointment setting” and why does my company need it?

Appointment setting is the process of identifying decision-makers, creating and launching outbound marketing campaigns, and, ultimately, introducing qualified leads to the sales team.

Think of it this way: If you want a custom-built home do you go out and construct it yourself or do you hire a contractor?

Exactly! You hire the contract.


Because you know that buying the materials and putting your own blood, sweat, and tears into the process might seem like the more affordable option at first, but the time, money, and resources lost due to inexperience far outweigh the initial savings.

So why not do it yourself?

It's the same with outbound sales.

You run a tech company; no one expects you to know everything about sales development.

You only have to be an expert in your products and services, we’ll handle the heavy lifting.

That's why outsourced B2B lead generation is 43% more effective than handling it in-house.


Tracking down key decision-makers and creating personalized outreach campaigns that convert is not only time consuming but also extraordinarily expensive.

Martal Group makes B2B lead generation for technology companies more profitable and efficient.

We invest in real-time intent data to pinpoint the companies that are searching for your products and services.

By leveraging our proprietary workflow, your assigned sales executives will reach out to decision-makers that meet your ideal client profiles through a personalized omnichannel lead generation strategy.

appointment setting services appointment setting services

As a result, your sales team will have appointments deliver straight to their calendars with decision-makers that have already gone through the lead qualification process.

appointment setting services

it’s just
that easy!

How will my outbound sales team be structured?

This entirely depends on your company’s needs. We have 3 tiers to choose from allowing you to decide how involved in the sales process your outbound sales team will be.
  • Tier 1

    Lead generation

  • Tier 2

    Lead generation & Customer onboarding

  • Tier 3

    Lead generation, Customer onboarding & Account management

We have 3 tiers to choose from allowing you to decide how involved in the sales process your outbound sales team will be.
  • You can count on your sales operations manager to:
    Report campaign results on a weekly basis.
    Monitor each team members’ activity and KPIs.
    Communicate expectations to the sales team.
    Make adjustments to continually improve performance.
  • You will also have a fractional VP of sales to:
    Develop a marketing strategy based on your unique value proposition.
    Craft personalized, high-converting email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns.
    Build a sales funnel to attract, engage and set appointments with your ideal prospects.
  • Then there is the fractional marketing manager who will:
    Define and research your ideal client profile based on your solutions.
    Continually monitor customer intent through multiple databases.
    Curate lists of decision-makers and launch omnichannel campaigns.
What’s great about our tier-based service model is you will have access to an outbound team that will grow right along with you and help you run 3 Phased campaigns on a weekly basis:
  • appointment setting services mon
    phase 1


    Customer profiling
    Research & weekly prospecting
    Uploading lists to CRM
  • appointment setting services wed
    phase 2

    Lead engagement

    Outbound campaign Initialization
    Shortlisting warm leads
    Engaging in follow-up process, LinkedIn campaigns
  • appointment setting services fri
    phase 3

    Lead Qualification and appointment booking

    Lead Qualification, flipping sales ready leads (discovery calls, etc.)
    Weekly reporting of results, Q&A
    CRM update and client sync
appointment setting services mon
appointment setting services wed
appointment setting services fri

What are the benefits of B2B appointment setting services?

a great question!

Whether you are a scaling startup exploring the options of building an outbound sales strategy or an enterprise company that already has a sales team in place, Martal Group can help.

Your assigned outbound sales executives will integrate with your current team to accelerate the development and growth of your company.

Our current clients experience:
More opportunities to engage key decision-makers.
Shorter and more efficient sales cycles.
Higher ROI in marketing budgets.

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What would you consider to be the most important part of a B2B appointment-setting strategy?

The most critical part of an outbound B2B appointment-setting strategy is to educate, nurture, and bring value to the prospect across multiple channels and touchpoints. Do this correctly, and you will not have to “hard sell” any of your prospects. The close will just be another step in the buying process.
Christopher Gizzi
Sales Operations Manager

FAQs: B2B Appointment Setting


What are the duties of an appointment setter?

An appointment setter schedules discovery calls for sales executives by handling the first four sales cycle stages: prospecting, contacting, qualifying, and nurturing. By hiring an appointment setter, you can attract more qualified prospects to your funnel and prioritize sales-ready leads.

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Why Is Appointment Setting Important in Sales?

B2B appointment setting filters out unqualified leads, guaranteeing that time and resources are focused on engaging with potential customers who are more likely to convert. This targeted approach increases conversion rates and reduces wasted efforts and resources.

Outsourcing has become a popular solution for companies that are unable to develop their own in-house appointment setting programs.

By hiring external firms, businesses can avoid the challenges of starting from scratch. These appointment setting experts are well-versed in B2B strategies, equipped with the necessary tools and software, and have access to a talented pool of highly-trained SDRs.

This allows companies to focus on their core competencies while leaving the appointment setting tasks in capable hands. In fact, it’s a practice that has gained traction in recent years, with 68% of U.S. companies, including small businesses, already embracing outsourcing services. Another report found that outsourcing has allowed 65% of businesses to concentrate on crucial business functions, enjoying a 63% cost reduction.