How Martal helped


create leads in the USA
Sales ready leads generated/
Jonathan Yu

About UMBO

Company Target & Verticals

UMBO was targeting security officers at enterprise companies.

UMBO is an artificial intelligence company dedicated to building an autonomous video security platform for their enterprise clients.

  • Industry Video Analytics
  • Company Size 70
  • Headquarters USA

Responsible Team:

  • James Charles
    Martin David
    6 y in Business Development, Toronto, ON
  • Indiana Sonchedu
    Brennan Farrell
    11 y. in B2B sales, Raleigh, NC


What was the scope of Martal involvement

Martal provided dedicated SDR’s that were personally assigned to UMBO’s team. They were responsible for creating industry-tailored lists of potential prospects, creating and sending outreach campaigns after which interested leads would be flipped to UMBO’s in-house sales team for conversion.

Results & Feedback

The impact of the engagament

Martal’s sales reps captured a substantial number of leads starting the very first month of the partnership and converted 10% of those leads into demos. UMBO started onboarding on June 12th, completing the process within 10 days. Within the first month of campaigning, Martal managed to qualify over 70 leads and secure 7 introductory demos.

  • 7500
    Prospects generated/
  • 30
    Sales ready leads generated/ month

Project management performance

Martal’s team composition was small but efficient, UMBO was assigned 2 fractional VPs of sales that worked directly with the inside sales reps. UMBO’s managers found the team professional and understanding in all circumstances.

Sales strategies used

Martal used both outbound and inbound strategies, directly soliciting with enterprise clients while also creating customized blog posts to boost inbound traffic