How Martal helped


20 000
payees through
the Sales pipeline
Orna Sadan

about Joopy

Company Target & Verticals

Incentives Solutions is targeting Sales Executives, Financial managers at HR Directors employed by enterprise and mid-market companies.

Incentives Solutions is a leading cloud-based Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor with their enterprise platform – JOOPY. JOOPY, featured by Gartner, helps organizations grow their business, simplify their commission operations processes, and gain better control over their commission payments budget.

  • Industry Sales Performance
    Management Software
  • Company Size 40
  • Headquarters Israel

Responsible Team:

  • Dmitri Begounov
    Dmitri Begounov
    12 y. in B2B sales, Toronto, ON
  • David Nevin
    David Nevin
    20 y. in B2B sales, San Francisco, CA


What was the scope of Martal involvement

Martal’s team was involved in every step of the sales cycle. The team was engaging and converting leads, leading demo calls, negotiating deals, and assisting in signing contracts with converted leads.

The team also attended conferences, scouting potential clients while frequently communicating results to the Incentives team, directly affecting the sales strategy adjustment.

Results & Feedback

The impact of the engagament

Martal’s team was very quick to begin the sales cycle after two weeks of initial onboarding and one month of demo training. Martal was managing over 100 deals for Incentives, overseeing marketing materials creation, outbound campaigns, creating content for SEO, and signing contracts with clients.

  • 3500
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 13
    Qualified leads generated/ month

Project management performance

Martal’s sales team was creative and had the expertise required to grasp new products, markets, and technology domains.

Sales strategies used

The sales team launched data-driven email campaigns and assisted in cold-calling that often led to further lead qualification and warm hand-offs to the Incentives team. Martal Group organized the prospect list into highly-focused segments for better targeting and created tailored outbound campaigns.