How Martal helped


Generate prospects
30 000
Prospects generated/
Sharon Langer

About Jedox

Company Target & Verticals

Jedox targets financial managers at mid-market companies.

Jedox is a global provider of EPM/CPM solutions, catering enterprise performance management software used for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

  • Industry Financial Software
  • Company Size 250
  • Headquarters Germany/USA

Responsible Team:

  • Brennan Farrell
    Brennan Farrell
    11 y. in B2B sales, Raleigh, NC
  • David Rosenthal
    David Rosenthal
    10 y. in B2B sales, NYC, NY


What was the scope of Martal involvement

Both teams worked together to create parameters for the target audience prospecting, and crafting of outreach sequences. Following the onboarding process, Martal’s team managed outbound campaigning on behalf of Jedox.

Results & Feedback

The impact of the engagament

Martal’s campaigns resulted in a sustainable monthly acquisition of qualified leads. While some aren’t fruitful, many are real opportunities.

  • 30000
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 21
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Jedox receives weekly performance reports and manages an ongoing conversation about next steps, new positioning, pricing, and outreach. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances have changed a lot and outbound teams need to be agile, with Martal’s team remaining responsive to ongoing market changes.

Sales strategies used

The project consisted of multiple stages in which Martal’s team created segmented lists of potential prospects and launched outbound campaigns driving traffic to webinars and engaging end-users. Qualified prospects were introduced to the in-house sales team to book demo sessions.