How Martal helped


To increase sales in the US market
8 300
Prospects generated/
Deanna Talbot

About Polygon

Company Target and Verticals

Polygon is an expert in climate and water control for indoor spaces, offering comprehensive, turnkey solutions for public and commercial facilities.

Through IoT technology, cutting-edge equipment, and technical knowledge, Polygon helps its clients achieve and maintain optimal indoor conditions, reducing energy consumption and mitigating climate-related risks.

  • Industry Facilities Services
  • Company Size 6600+
  • Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden

Responsible Team:

  • Joshua Bylsma
    Joshua Bylsma
    20 y. in sales, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Zach Fine
    Zach Fine
    6 y. in sales, Mexico City, Mexico


What was the scope of Martal’s involvement

Martal Group works closely with Polygon to further expand its market share in the US. Through outbound campaigns, Martal’s sales executives prospect for ideal clients and book sales meetings with qualified decision-makers in the construction, architecture, and property management industries for Polygon’s sales team.

Results and Feedback

The impact of the engagement

The knowledge and experience of Martal’s sales team have helped Polygon streamline US business development through outbound lead generation while opening several high-quality opportunities for Polygon to pursue.

  • 8 300
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 7
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Martal Group works as an extension of Polygon’s sales team to increase conversions and drive measurable success in every initiative. A combination of close collaboration and clear communication during weekly and daily conversations have contributed to the long-term partnership between Martal and Polygon.

Sales strategies used

Targeted, multichannel campaigns are launched weekly via email, LinkedIn, and phone calls to key decision-makers at companies that would benefit from Polygon’s solutions. The Martal sales executives have also had success raising awareness of and attendance for Polygon webinars.

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