How It Works:

Fully Managed Lead Generation Services

You don’t have to be a lead generation expert to grow your business. By partnering with our award-winning team, you’ll have more opportunities to meet with the right prospects at the right time so you can close more of the right deals.

Let’s unpack how Martal Group’s fully managed lead generation services work

Not Just Another Lead Gen Company

Traditional outbound lead generation is broken. Outdated outreach tactics, like telemarketing and mass blast emails, can siphon away your marketing budgets, leaving your sales pipeline high and dry.
We’ve reinvented outbound to evolve with the changes in B2B purchasing behaviors. By implementing these modern lead generation strategies, we can help your company develop a more productive pipeline.

Outbound lead generation Services:

Book More Appointments With Qualified-Sales Leads

Spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

Hire our experienced North American sales team to contact, qualify, and book appointments with your ideal clients.

Through our proven outbound lead generation strategies, we can help speed up your sales cycle and scale your company more efficiently.

Get the Right Prospect Data

We’ve got the right prospect data and sales talent you need to find your next customer. We integrate with leading market intelligence vendors to provide our customers relevant B2B contact information. Our researchers use a proprietary workflow to create sales opportunities and target your ideal buyer profile and potential addressable market.

Develop Your Sales Machine

Our managed sales team builds custom workflows that drive prospect engagement with multiple personalized sales touchpoints. We route active prospects to your sales team or onboard new clients for you. We cater Omni channel mass campaigns using calls, emails and Linkedin. We also practice Account Based Marketing, targeting shortlisted accounts or stakeholders.

Outbound lead generation Services

Inbound lead generation Services:

Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Reach your ideal clients

wherever they are in the buyer’s journey by combining inbound services with your outbound strategy.

We’ll help keep your funnel flowing from both ends of the spectrum through complementary inbound lead generation strategies aimed at increasing site traffic and conversions.

Maximize your online presence

Martal caters various services aiming to boost your brand recognition and online presence. Let us manage your marketing campaigns, blogs, and social media to maximize traffic and site visits. Our bloggers and publishers will create articles and build backlinks to improve your website ranking and accelerate organic web traffic in your target region.

Convert website visits into customers

Martal uses inbound lead generation strategies to direct all qualifying prospects from your site to our sales representatives. Our sales team qualifies inbound leads using the B.A.N.T. methodology and books discovery calls with engaged prospects. Our sales reps can also lead introductory demo calls, acting a seamless extension of your sales team, guaranteeing a steady conversion rate.

Inbound lead generation Services