Onboarding timeline and data processing

We’re excited to take the next step in scaling your outbound outreach together.
By following our onboarding process outlined below, you can start seeing results from your sales campaigns in as soon as 30 days. Let’s get started!

Onboarding timeline

Onboarding timeline
Effective Date. Day 0
Onboarding start, team assigned
Day 3
Marketing collateral review and Q&A completed
Day 5
Emails created and set for warm up
Day 8
Campaign content signed off, campaign ready to start
Day 10
Emails warmed up, campaigns start
Days 14 - 21
First results (MQL)
Days 21 - 30
First results (SQL)

Requirements to make discovery & implementation successful:

Allocating at least 8 hours for the onboarding period
Promptly responding to Q&A and team queries

Effective Date

Intro to Your Martal Team

Once your partnership agreement is signed, we’ll introduce you via email to the Sales Operations Manager (SOM) and Sales Executives (SEs) for your campaigns.

Day 1 - 14

Email creation


Within two weeks of onboarding, emails for outbound campaigns will be created, warmed up, and ready to launch if your target market resides in the US or LATAM regions. Because of regulatory restrictions, campaigns targeting prospects in Canada, the EU, and the UK will require a marketing opt-in list before creating emails.

When it comes to domain setup and management, you have three options outlined below. To ensure onboarding is completed on schedule, please select your preference within 48 hours of your contract start date.

Branded Domain
Option 1

Through this done-for-you process, our IT team purchases new domains related to your business name — forwarded to your primary domain for consistency. Each sales executive will receive emails for the branded domains and engage prospects as a member of your company. With our email deliverability specialist fully managing and monitoring the reputation, we can optimize open rates by proactively prepping and replacing domains as the need arises. If we part ways, Martal will transfer ownership of all active domains to your company.

Martal Domain
Option 2

As an alternative to the branded domains, Martal domains still frees you from the hassle of email setup and maintenance while positioning our sales executives as a partner conducting market research on behalf of your company. While the representation is different, the goal of nurturing leads and setting qualified appointments stays the same.

Option 3

If your company prefers to maintain the domains internally, Martal will assist your IT team in setting up DNS records for outbound outreach and integrating emails into Martal’s CRM system. However, this process often takes longer than 14 days and can hamper our ability to monitor domain health and email deliverability properly.


Domains or subdomains will be obtained, and email addresses will be set up for Martal’s sales executives based on your selected preference. In addition, emails will be warm-up for three to five days, integrated with our CRM, and assigned to the approved campaign sequences.

Data integration

  • Objective: Before campaigns launch, we will collaborate with your team to ensure vital lead generation data such as prospect information, scheduled meetings, and unsubscribes flow smoothly between Martal and your company while minimizing integration with your systems.

  • Deliverables: To eliminate the risk of contacting previously unsubscribed prospects, we will need a CSV copy of your do not contact (DNC) list forwarded to our head of IT. This list will be uploaded to Martal’s SMTP servers to block outreach to those individuals. You will also receive access to a password-protected prospect report hosted on a cloud server updated in real-time. You can sync your prospect report to your CRM to conveniently review detailed information about marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), sales-qualified leads (SQLs), and upcoming appointments while keeping your unsubscribe list up-to-date.

Data Processing Diagram

See how our data processing method keeps your information secure and clean while curating and managing lead lists

Day 1 - 2

Discover Your
Competitive Position

(Essential for optimal performance)

  • Objective: The initial discovery phase is where we get to know everything about your company and how it stands out in the market. Without this comprehensive overview, your campaign performance may suffer. The Martal team will refer to this documentation as a way to craft and optimize your sales strategy.

  • Deliverables: We’ll send you an onboarding Q&A. After completion, your Martal team will transform this information into a personalized sales strategy for your company. To stay on schedule, submit your Q&A within 48 hours.

Q&A Breakdown:

  • Origin Story: Tell us your company journey to help us resonate with your prospects’ problems and position your solution in a meaningful way.

  • Competitive Differentiators: Pinpoint where your company stands apart from its competitors in your market.

  • Account Verticals: Let us know how different industries adapt your solution to their needs so we can create targeted, value-first campaigns.

  • Ideal Client Profiles: Describe your ideal clients’ demographics, and we’ll search our database for the leads who are right for your company.

  • Buyer Personas: Dig deeper into your ideal clients’ goals and desires so we can create personalized messaging.

  • Booking Procedure: We’ll set guidelines specific to your scheduling preferences to streamline the booking process.

  • Domain Setup: Coordinate with our internal deliverability team to ensure campaigns are compliant with CAN-SPAM and launched on time.

  • Sales Collateral: Provide us with your top-converting materials so we can study your brand’s messaging and deliver valuable assets to prospects.

Onboarding Q&A

General questions / Verticals / Value Prop

General overview of your company services

How would be the your company elevator pitch?

How long has your company been around?

How many people are on the Sales team, and do customers get a dedicated Account Manager?

How many customers does your company have, and who are some of the biggest ones?

What is the average ARR?

Who are your company main competitors?

What does your company do differently than its competitors?

How long is your average sales cycle?

We shouldn’t aim for channel partnerships, our goal is creating a funnel for direct sales, right?

From when a customer signs up, how long does it take for them to be live?

Lead Gen

Do you have a one-page PDF that can be sent out?

Does your company have a pre-recorded demo (or lengthier videos)?

What is the ideal customer target for your company?

What kind of outbound + inbound lead generation work has your company done to date?

What are the most common customer objections and how does your company overcome them?

What kind of companies are you targeting? (company type, tech. installed)?

What geography, employee count, and revenue size are typical thresholds for your company prospects?

What titles should we ideally target? (Title keywords, departments, job description)

If a client was searching for a your company type solution, what are the top keywords they'd be using to search?

Can you share outbound email templates that you have created in the past?

What is the primary motivation for companies to talk to your company ?

Any free plans? Free pilots?

How long is the typical contract term? Is it month-to-month, or is there a committment?

Are there companies that are too small to be clients?

Day 3 - 5

Meet Your Martal Team

  • Objective: Your SOM will schedule a meeting to discuss the discovery material. During this call, you’ll dive into strategies, value propositions, messaging, and campaign structure.

  • Deliverables: Weekly call with the Martal team will be coordinated and scheduled.

Research and Drafting

  • Objective: At this point, the Martal team is ready to develop your sales strategy and build out multichannel campaigns. Over the new few days, the SEs will study your website, discovery questionnaire, and sales collateral.

  • Deliverables: SEs will outline the optimal campaign strategy by researching ICPs and prospect pool size. A volume-based strategy is best for large lead lists with thousands of prospects. For smaller lists, we’ll focus on an ABM approach with customized messaging and additional touchpoints to hundreds of prospects each month.

Pilot Campaign Deliverables
Pilot Campaign Deliverables

Assigning fractional sales team that will invest up-to 20 hours learning, strategizing, and finalizing your marketing campaign collateral

First few days — defining ideal lead profiles and KPIs, service positioning Q&A, drafting Campaign Call Scripts

Day 6 - 7

Email Setup and Warmup Process

  • Objective: Achieving optimal email open and response rates hinge on proper domain configuration and maintenance. That’s why we have a deliverability expert who manages the domain records and warms up emails for the SEs.

  • Deliverables: Domains and email addresses for the outbound email campaigns.

Day 8 - 9

Campaign Signoff, Setup, and First Weekly Call

  • Objective: It’s essential that our content accurately reflects your brand and solution. Content must be approved and signed before the CRM and campaigns are set up in our systems.

  • Deliverables: Each SE will send their email sequences, LinkedIn messaging, and call scripts to your internal team for approval. Adjustments can be addressed on your first weekly call. After signoff, the Martal team will import leads into the CRM and schedule campaigns.


Next few days

  • Phone and Email Campaigns scheduling, CRM setup

  • Corporate emails setup

  • Weekly call setup

Pilot Campaign Deliverables

Email sequence example

Day 10 - 13

Ready to Launch

  • Objective: At this point, emails are warmed up, sequences are imported, and SEs are prepared to engage with your prospects.

  • Deliverables: The first touchpoint is initiated.

Day 14 - 20

First MQL Results

  • Objective: Data and metrics are collected, recorded, and analyzed by the SOM. SEs reply to lead responses to gauge interest.

  • Deliverables: Market-qualified leads (MQLs) are generally identified within the first two weeks of campaigning. You’ll also receive your first weekly report summarizing the campaign results.

Day 21 - 30

First SQL Results

  • Objective: SEs follow up with MQLs to provide additional information and qualify for discovery calls.

  • Deliverables: Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are generally identified within one to two weeks of the first MQL.

Day 31 - 90

Campaign Progression

Over the next 60 days, your pipeline may look something like the chart below. While this is an average over various accounts, the number of MQLs and SQLs vary depending on factors such as target market, average deal size, and brand recognition.

Each week, your SEs will scale the lead list volume. This ramp-up process allows us to optimize your campaign for responses while protecting the domain reputation, so your MQLs and SQLs continue to trend upward.

An MQL is a prospect who has responded to our outreach and matches your ICP. Our goal is to convert MQLs to SQLs by asking discovery questions and overcoming objections.

An SQL is a prospect interested in taking the next step in the sales process. If a prospect asks for more information or requests a meeting, you have gained an SQL.

Pilot Campaign Deliverables

Average Pilot Campaign Matrix — Single Team’s Lead Generation Milestones

Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) generated during the first 3 months of the pilot campaign

Pilot Campaign Deliverables

Playbook visualisation

Playbook visualisation
Playbook visualisation
Conduct Research and Discovery
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
ICP and Persona Data
Market Positioning Planned
Assess Vertical and Horizontal Markets
Intent Signals
Prospect Pool Size
Volume vs ABM
Target Markets and ICPs Identified
Set Outreach Cadence and Parameters
Targeted Messaging
Coordinated Touchpoints
Email Deliverability
Personalized Strategy Developed
Initiate Multichannel Campaign
Appointments Booked
Ramp Up Market Penetration
Weekly Analysis
Data-Driven Decisions
Ongoing Tests and Research
Campaign Continously Optimized
Review Impact Metrics
Pipeline Growth
Return on Invest
Conversion Rate
Market Positioning Planned