There are many avenues you can take to reach your goals, but when it comes to revenue growth nothing has a more immediate impact than increasing your company’s sales.


customer acquisition has it’s own unique challenges to overcome.

B2B buyers are becoming harder to connect with, sales cycles are becoming hard to predict, and business development representatives are becoming harder to retain.

This has sales leaders wonder,

“How do I reduce costs while building a sustainable pipeline of new business?”

The answer is…

Outsourcing sales. But now you probably have a whole new set of questions. So let’s go over exactly what outsourcing sales could mean for your business and discover if it is the right choice for you.

When to Consider Full-Service Sales Outsourcing

We will get into the details surrounding full-service sales outsourcing later in this guide. Just know that while most outsourced sales partners do not offer assistance beyond appointment setting, a select few have the capability of handle the full sales cycle for your company. Based on our clients’ experience, below are the top two scenarios in which full-service sales outsourcing works best.

Tech Companies Based Outside The United States

If you have tried to sell overseas, you know how difficult it can be to bridge the gap over the cultural divide. This is true even for English speaking teams outside North America. Nuances in dialect, values, and business conduct can make a big difference in sales success when campaigning in the US. A sales representative’s ability to build rapport through mutual interest and small talk plays an important role in developing relationships.

Time zones variances can also have an impact on breaking into the US market. The availability of a sales team to quickly respond can greatly influence a prospect’s willingness to further explore your solution.

In fact, sales representatives that engage a prospect within five minutes of receiving a response are nine time more likely to continue the conversation (Invesp).

For tech companies outside North America, an outsourced US based sales team solves these problems and more.

By having boots on the ground where prospects are located your company can build brand confidence and gain market share faster. In addition, the cost savings, which we will explore next, can help you maintain a healthy ROI.

Startup or Scaling Tech Companies. Outsourcing your sales team

There are a number of hidden costs associated with starting and scaling your tech company. A big portion of those costs revolve around establishing an in-house sales team as they are the driving force behind revenue growth.

To help you understand these expenses, we have outlined the typical capital needed to fund an internal sales team each year:
  • Vice President of Sales: $150 - 180k

  • Prospecting and Nurturing Tools: $100k +

  • Maintaining a Local Office: $100k +

Given these figures, hiring a fully staffed sales team is not fiscally manageable for many new and scaling businesses. Some of our clients have spent millions of dollars trying to build up their sales department only to have it fall.

Outsourcing sales to a full-service team can drastically reduce the risk of wasting precious resources on a ramp up process that doesn’t gain traction. With an outsourced sales team, each member is knowledgable, professional, and ready to start campaigning in a matter of days rather than months.

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By partnering with an outsourcing sales team, you can hire professional-trained business development representatives at a fraction of the cost it takes to maintain your own sales department.

Prioritize Customer Retention anincrease in customer retention can boost profit

While not directly related, you have seen by now how outsourcing sales can give your team more time and your company more capital. By freeing up those assess more attention can be directed towards improving customer relations, developing requested features, and seeking out referral business. All of which can drive up customer retention.

Are You Ready to Partner with An Outsourced Sales Agency?

At Martal Group, we understand that outsourcing your sales is not an easy decision to make.

For over a decade, we have helped B2B tech companies like yours grow in the US market through business development strategies implemented by our expert sales executives.

As a top b2b outsourced inside sales partner in North America, we can provide you with the insight needed to make the right choice for your company.
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What is B2B Sales Outsourcing or Outsourced Sales Partner?

B2B outsource inside sales agency refers to an outsourced company that specializes in selling products and services for other businesses.

What Does Outsourced Sales and Marketing mean?

Outsourced sales and marketing refers to a process of contracting a third-party to assist with top-of-the-funnel creation. B2B tech companies often outsource sales and marketing to agencies that specialize in creating leads and qualifying them.

Why should companies outsource B2B sales?

Not only does outsourcing B2B sales allow companies to expand their prospecting reach, but also enables them to focus on closing the new business from the meetings generated by their outsourced sales partner. Businesses can take comfort in knowing they have a skilled partner using the industry’s best practices to provide them with more opportunities. The business leaders also benefit from the time they save and productivity gained.
Matt Guthrie
Sales Operations Manager

Customers Also Ask


What do sales outsourcing companies do?

A sales outsourcing company helps you close the gap in your goals by developing, managing, and supporting your business's sales process. By outsourcing B2B sales, you gain immediate access to an experienced SDR team, so you can stop chasing and start closing more deals.

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