Startup Lead Generation Outsourcing: Get More Quality Leads For Your Company

Startups often struggle to make ends meet when it comes to growing their sales team. They find themselves stuck choosing between hiring top talent to grow their brand or cutting costs to keep their business alive.

That’s when startup lead generation outsourcing can become the perfect solution.


What exactly is outsourced lead generation for startups? Why is it an ideal solution for your company? And how can you choose a good outsourcing agency?

Let’s jump right into that!

What is Outsourced Lead Generation for Startups?

Startup lead generation outsourcing refers to hiring an outside party to handle your lead generation process. That involves identifying potential leads, nurturing them down the sales funnel, and eventually converting them into loyal customers. 

Outsourced lead generation is often a great option for startups, especially during the early stages. It can ensure an excellent sales performance for your company while freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on your core business.

What Does Outsourced Startup Lead Generation Include?

Lead generation for startups includes a variety of sales and marketing services, which you can outsource depending on your business needs.

For instance:

Any business at an early phase is going to need effective prospecting before it starts attracting and converting leads. Building the perfect lead list requires a full understanding of your ideal customer profile as well as thorough market research. 

Once everything is in place, the outsourced lead generation partner will help you with the following:

Lead Acquisition

Leads acquisition is the lifeblood of your startup at all phases. Without a constant flow of high-quality leads entering your sales funnel constantly, your company is going to struggle to make any progress or keep up with the competition. 

Lead Nurturing

A cold lead on its own at the top of the funnel is often a curse to your startup. Because if it doesn’t convert in the end, it’s only going to cost you and your team time and valuable resources.


Pushing leads down the sales funnel through persistent interactions and quality content is critical to the success of the whole lead gen operation. Aim to turn cold leads into business opportunities by providing targeted content that responds to their challenges. 

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a process in which sales representatives set up meetings with a potential customer. There are many different strategies for appointment setting, but the most common methods include cold call marketing and lead generation.

Appointment setting is the process of scheduling meetings with potential customers to discuss the possibility of a sale or a business deal. It’s often handled by experienced sales representatives who know how to entice clients and push them to take action without being salesy.

Customer Onboarding

Some lead generation providers can even go the extra mile by offering you customer onboarding services. Once they help you close the deal, they’ll set the new clients with an account and help them get started with using your products.

4 Benefits Of Startup Lead Generation Outsourcing

There are many reasons to outsource your lead generation, but here are some of the most important:

1. An Outsourced Sales Team is Time-Efficient

Outsourced lead generation for startups can save you time on many ends. 

For instance:

You’re going to leave all the hard work to experienced individuals while you free up time for your internal teams to concentrate on more essential business needs. 

Or better yet…

You wouldn’t have to train internal employees on how to handle tricky sales tasks. You’ll rest assured knowing that you’re onboarding well-trained professionals into your sales team.

2. Outsourcing Leads to an Agency Is Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness has always been one of the most compelling reasons for startups to adopt outsourced lead generation.

Lead gen outsourcing enables your startup to develop and implement new strategies at a much lower cost. Your company will be able to tap into new markets without having to risk its’ overall progress and longevity.

As if that’s not enough…

Startup lead generation outsourcing will also save you costs on hiring, training, and managing top sales talent. You wouldn’t have to sign any employment contracts or pay for costly office equipment at the early stages when you’re in most need for budgetary flexibility.

3. Outsourced Leads Are of a Higher Quality

Your outsourced lead generation team will put all its expertise into generating the most qualified leads for your startup. They’ll use cutting-edge technology and rely on advanced metrics to focus on leads that match your ideal customer profile. 

Outsourced lead generation experts can also easily pass through the gatekeepers and hone in on decision-makers to maximize conversions down the funnel. They’ll open doors to endless growth opportunities and get you talking to your dream clients.

4. Lead Generation Companies Help You Break Into New Markets

A startup outsourcing lead generation will take advantage of long years of expertise to gain access to a much wider audience. Your company can expand into unexplored markets and target new demographics and geographical locations. All of that without having to train any new employees, divide your focus towards new responsibilities, or invest in new technology.

How To Choose A Leads Generation Company For Your Startup?

Hiring the wrong lead generation agency is a costly mistake that can put your startup at the risk of folding up. Thankfully, that is something you can easily avoid by taking the time to make an educated hiring decision.

Here are the most important aspects to consider when outsourcing startup lead generation:

Make Sure the Agency Has a Good Reputation

Go for agencies with long-years of expertise serving clients that are simlar to you. And make sure they have experience working in your industry with companies of all sizes.

Look around for testimonials and customer reviews both on the agency’s website and online review sites to see what people are saying about it. If it has a lot of negative reviews and unhappy customers, it’s time to look for another outsourced lead generation provider.

You should also ask for references from previous clients to get a more accurate idea on how the lead generation agency has performed for other businesses in the past.

Here’s another underrated tip:

Check out the company’s website to see if it has an elegant brand design with an eye-catching layout. Although that may not always be an accurate guess, top-notch lead generation partners go above and beyond to reflect a professional brand image.

Consider Affordability While Prioritizing Results

Part of the reason why you’ve decided to outsource lead generation is to reduce your startup costs. So it’s important to take affordability into consideration when choosing an outsourced lead generation partner.

The thing is:

The pricing models and costs are going to differ based on your service needs and the size of the agency. You can always ask for a quote from multiple companies at a time to compare prices and pick the one that best fits your budget.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you should think of costs in terms of return on investment. Some startup lead generation partners may promise lower fees at the beginning. But the results they’ll get you will be nothing compared to what other expensive, experienced agencies can deliver.

Choose A Pricing Model That Suits Your Business Needs

Startup lead generation outsourcing agencies can offer various pricing models based on your budget and business needs. 

The project-fee model is well-suited for any startup looking to outsource lead generation for a specific time period. However, such an option may not always be available, and you may have to go for an hourly rate instead.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group