How Martal helped

Total Energy
Connections, LLC

To Increase sales in the US market
20 000
Prospects generated/
Jay Polydys

About Total Energy Connections, LLC

Company Target and Verticals

Total Energy Connections targets business managers at mid-market companies.

Total Energy Connections specializes in delivering energy efficiency programs for commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional clients through its leading energy management.

  • Industry Innovative Energy Solutions
  • Company Size 10
  • Headquarters Connecticut, USA

Responsible Team:

  • Kevin Pierce
    Kevin Pierce
    3 y. in Sales, Greater Clarksville Area, TN-KY
  • Michael Snook
    Michael Snook
    6 y. in B2B sales, Burlington, VT


What was the scope of Martal’s involvement

The Martal Group worked with Total Energy Connections to run campaigns that generated tangible leads in the US market. Working together to create outreach strategies, Martal assisted with finding the best possible prospects which the company was then able to successfully nurture.

Results and Feedback

The impact of the engagament

Martal’s services provided the creation of outbound campaigns resulting in qualified sales leads becoming closed deals.

  • 20000
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 20
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Martal Group collaborated with Total Energy Connections to clearly identify its ideal client profile and unique position in the market so Martal’s sales executives could generate qualified leads that ultimately resulted in conversions.

Sales strategies used

The Martal team developed and launched email and LinkedIn campaigns as well initiated follow-up calls to potential clients who would most likely benefit from facility energy upgrades. Qualified prospects were transitioned to Total Energy Connections’ internal team so the needs assessment could begin.

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