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Education Leads: The Complex Equation for Lead Generation

The rapid pace of digital transformation and its unprecedented complexities has fundamentally changed how educational leaders make purchasing decisions. When you add in the seasonal nature of academic calendars, multiplied by the longer-than-average sales cycle of the educational sector, you have the product of a very difficult lead generation process.

With over a decade of experience, Martal Group has a master’s in lead generation. Through a growth mindset, we’ve embraced the inherent challenges of generating education leads and paved a path of success for our clients.

Our Diverse Knowledge of the Education and Training Industry Means We Have the Lead Gen Formula for a Variety of Sectors:

  • check K-12
  • check Higher Education
  • check Elearning
  • check Edtech
  • check Vocational Training
  • check Professional Training
  • check Distance Learning
  • check Development Platforms
  • check Consulting Services
  • check Pedagogical Management
  • check Educational Products
  • check Publishers
  • check Information and Research

Together, We’ll Develop a Success Plan for Your Sales Pipeline.

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Why B2B Companies Choose Martal Group as Their Education Marketing Agency

Industry Prowess

Industry Prowess

Marketing for education and training companies takes more than just general lead gen knowledge. At Martal, we understand the language and ethos of education. Our team is well-versed in the varied requirements of different educational institutions, from primary to higher education, eLearning, and beyond. This deep-rooted understanding allows us to devise potent strategies perfectly in tune with the educational sector’s rhythms.

Intelligent Prospecting

Intelligent Prospecting

Through cutting-edge tools, we pinpoint key decision-makers in the education sector. We base this on buyer intent data, ensuring your offering is presented to the people most likely to be interested and capable of advocating for your solutions.

Streamlined Syllabus for Success

Streamlined Syllabus for Success

Our diverse team of sales experts implements a time-tested workflow tailored to align with the unique facets of your specific educational niche. We reject the notion of “cookie-cutter” solutions, preferring instead to customize our approach, maximizing efficacy and ensuring your value proposition resonates with the right audience.

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We conducted interviews of multiple B2B firms some of them recommended by colleagues. In the end we selected Martal because of their team and their established methodology and KPI’s.

Patrick Warren
North American Sales Director
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The 5 Key Objectives of Our Education Lead Generation Process

Our process is tailored to guide your business to its ultimate goal: productive conversations with decision-makers who need them the most.

Here’s how we do it:

Curriculum Creation

Much like devising an effective syllabus, our process begins with a clear roadmap. We take the time to understand your unique objectives and the value proposition of your offering. This first step ensures that our strategies are perfectly aligned with your goals.


Prospect Enrollment

We step into the role of school admissions, identifying prospective “students” for your offerings. Using advanced prospecting tools, we zero in on key decision-makers within educational organizations that exhibit buyer intent, finding the ideal candidates for your solutions.


Engaging Lectures

Our multi-channel outreach mirrors the immersive, engaging nature of a well-delivered lecture. We leverage email, LinkedIn, and cold calling strategies to ensure your brand message captivates the right audience, generating interest and sparking dialogues.


Review Sessions

Engagement isn’t a one-time event but a continuous process. We maintain the connection with these prospects, nurturing them much like tutorial sessions help students understand the subject matter better. We foster these relationships, moving them further along the sales funnel toward conversion.



The final objective of our journey is setting up sales appointments with these key decision-makers, but first, we ensure all lead qualification prerequisites are fulfilled. Our finely tuned workflow ensures this process unfolds with precision and high efficiency, delivering ready-to-engage leads directly to your sales team.

With Martal Group’s methodical lead generation process, your business is in safe, expert hands. We are ready to roll up our sleeves, put on our white coats, and dive into the rewarding journey of lead generation for your educational company.

Turn the Page to Your Next Chapter of Success

As you’ve seen, Martal Group isn’t just another lead generation company. We are a dedicated educational marketing advisor that’s committed to bridging the gap between your transformative solutions and the educational decision-makers who need them most.

Ready to master the art of education lead generation?

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