How Martal helped


To increase sales with enterprise clients
25 000
Prospects generated/
Neel Sharma

About Spice

Company Target and Verticals

Spice targets logistics and finance managers at mid-market companies.

Spice is a leading supply chain data network provider helping retailers, brands, suppliers, logistics organizations and manufacturers transform legacy supply chains into digital supply chains.

  • Industry Supply Chain Commerce Software
  • Company Size 50
  • Headquarters Toronto, CA, Houston, USA & India

Responsible Team:

  • Gary Chen
    Gary Chen
    10 y. in B2B, Austin, TX
  • Aaron Tobin-Hess
    Aaron Tobin-Hess
    4 y. in B2B sales, NYC, NY


What was the scope of Martal’s involvement

Following the onboarding process, Martal created outbound campaigns resulting in tangible sale-ready leads by crafting outreach strategies. Both Martal and Spice worked together to leverage multiple sales channels in the US and Canada.

Results and Feedback

The impact of the engagement

Martal’s campaign resulted in Spice being able to create new sales opportunities with enterprise clients.

  • 25000
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 10
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Spice was given weekly call updates in order to keep in contact with the team and alert the company of engagements with enterprise-level clients.

Sales strategies used

The project consisted of a few stages in which Martal team created segmented lists of potential prospects and launched outbound campaigns which included email, LinkedIn, and cold call outreach. Qualified prospects were introduced to the in-house sales team to book a demo session.

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