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Martal Group is a top lead generation & sales agency servicing B2B tech companies. We enhance your in-house sales team with top Sales Executives on demand, catering lead generation and sales services across 50+ verticals. Our team specializes in creating leads for SaaS, IT services and IOT vendors who cater enterprise software, location-based services, search relevance, data annotation, video analytics, consumer insights, sales performance management, cloud backup, fleet management, AI powered applications and other products.


As a unique core competency, Martal employs an exclusively North America-based team of experienced B2B sales people, available on demand. Working with a local team is of particular importance for companies wishing to expand their foothold in the US and Canadian markets. When sourcing leads for our clients, the team leverages real-time intent data, providing an aggregate intent score based on keyword surges for individual companies. This allows us to pinpoint companies that are actively “shopping around” for a specific product or service and engage decision-makers with personalized outreach in the midst of their vendor assessment process.


We’ve got the right prospect data and sales team you need to find your next customer

1. Get the Right Prospect Data

We integrate with leading data providers/intelligence to provide our customers accurate B2B contact information. Our researchers use a proprietary workflow to create opportunities and provide targeted lists based on your ideal buyer profile and potential addressable market.

2. Develop Your Sales Machine

Our highly experienced managed sales team builds a workflow that drives prospect engagement with multiple personalized sales touches. We route active prospects to your sales team or onboard new clients for you. We cater both outbound and inbound lead generation, as well as Account Based Marketing (shortlisting target accounts and reaching the right stakeholder at the right company).

Inbound Lead Generation – Build your Brand Awareness

Maximize your online presence

Martal provides your company with all of the tools and services it needs to create a compelling online presence. Let us manage your website assets, landing pages, marketing materials, blogs, and social media to maximize SEO and attract the most site visits.

Convert your website visits into customers

After your website starts getting more clicks, we use inbound lead generation strategies and direct all qualifying prospects from your site to our dedicated sales representatives. Martal’s team leads introductory demos and discovery calls with your leads, acting as your company sales rep and account manager, guaranteeing a steady conversion rate.

Choose the right service tier

Tier 1

Lead Generation

Finalize ideal customer profile, qualification questions and campaign call scripts. Create customized target lists and marketing campaigns, monitor prospects engagement and initialize outbound calls. Get qualified leads delivered to your CRM.

Tier 2

Lead Generation & Customer Onboarding

Build your deal flow, develop customized offers, start closing process facilitation, negotiate with prospects and onboard new clients.

Tier 3

Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding & Account Management

Build your deal flow, facilitate customer acquisition, create and execute long-term strategy for maximizing customer and company value.


Fractional VP of Sales– Martal provides a Part-Time VP of Sales, enabling top-tier
professional sales experience. Our VP Sales will assist your team in creating a product market fit, tweaking your marketing collateral, and developing a go-to market strategy that reaps results, right from the first quarter. Receive help in building your fractional sales team and mentor them through every step of the sales funnel.

Dedicated SDR – Our dedicated SDR will engage your prospects and achieve tangible results through personalized sales campaign cycles. Our sales reps have an average of 5 years of experience, guaranteeing quality service for your team.

Fractional Marketing Manager – Our Fractional Marketing Manager will research your prospect behavior, develop decision-maker profiles, monitor customer intent on a weekly basis and create compelling prospect lists.

All you need to build your deal flow, win more business and ensure customer success

Our fractional sales executives, marketing leaders and account managers will help your team to pitch prospects, source new deals, and win new business

What action items to expect

Our sales team will invest up-to 20 hours learning, strategizing, and finalizing your marketing collateral (a process typically taking one – two weeks).
Following that, our action-items will include:

• Facilitating both direct sales and channel partnerships
• Developing pre-qualified leads lists – up to a few thousand per month
• Personal messaging templates
• Outbound email outreach and calls
• Individually personalized outreach (Account Based Marketing)
• Conversion tracking & KPI analytics
• LinkedIn invites & messaging
• Appointment booking, discovery calls and demos led by US based VP Sales
• Publications that will build back-links & increase your website’s SEO and foot-traffic (extra cost for each media partner would apply)
• Attending conferences and setting appointments at trade shows (At an extra cost for each event – given reimbursement of airfare and accommodation)

Typical monthly leads funnel (one VP of sales / one account)

Grow your sales and attract new customers

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Start Creating Your Sales Machine

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Case Studies



CEO, Clickworker.com Inc

Microtasking marketplace for AI

We are happy with Martal Group engagement, as they helped us get our feet on the ground in North America and provided a diversified high-quality lead flow, making hundreds of introductions to potential clients that resulted in first contract signed in 2 months.



Sales Director, Incentives Solutions

SaaS platform for SPM

Martal is a great business partner. They have profound market understanding, and strong business relations skills. Our lead generation goals & expectations were exceeded.




Marketing Director, Jedox

SaaS financial planning software

I’ve worked with other providers before, and Martal Group understands what we do much better. The other teams we worked with weren’t nearly as experienced.


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Learn what our clients have to say

  • Martal's team is essentially a "human as a service" platform, combining human intelligence and business data.

    Martal is using 4 different tools combined in a single workflow and proprietary sales methodologies; and an assigned sales rep is sourcing deals and pitching prospects.

    ALEX ZINIGRAD,CEO, Nemo Nanomaterials ltd
  • Martal Group has a long term agency contract with Vidmind, Vito is the backbone of pre sales process. He is personally involved in lead generation, business development and content partnerships in Canada and US. His ideas and management practices are essential to getting results.

  • We hired Martal Group for 12 month business development contract aimed to expand our technology partnerships in US in 2014. The group team was very resourceful in generating new leads, actively scouting proposals and negotiating deals with new partners. We also valued great perks like, business planning and marketing collateral review.

    LEV ZAIDENBERGChairmen, Energtek Inc.
  • B2B marketers are often frustrated because they have one of the planet’s most difficult jobs — getting quality leads. We are happy with Martal Group engagement, as they helped us get our feet on the ground in North America and provided a diversified high quality lead flow, making hundreds of introductions to potential clients that resulted in first contract signed in 2 months.

  • Martal is a great business partner. They have profound market understanding, and strong business relations skills. Our lead generation goals were exceeded, with expert follow up work.

    ORNA SADANSales Director, Incentives Solutions ltd.
  • Good service! Martal's team have a great understanding of client needs.

    Kate Gunery
    Kate GuneryCMO, Smart Brain Inc.
  • If you are looking for a partner for North America lead gen, Martal is a great source. They are very open to partnerships and helping companies enter the North American market.

    Jason Weiss
    Jason WeissCOO & Dealflow Manager ,Axis
  • Martal was ready to begin the sales cycle within a week of onboarding, managing marketing to over 100 accounts.

    Shai Raiten
    Shai RaitenCo-Founder & CEO , Weezmo
  • Within the first month Martal team created a new set of marketing materials, sent over 2500 emails and sourced 6 potential clients who are interested to try our product.

    Holger Mannweiler
    Holger MannweilerFounder, Secufy
  • Fully target-orientated. Quick results in short term. Excellent communication skills with targeted customer and client. Good performance within two weeks of signing our contract.

    Arnaud Becuwe
    Arnaud BecuweCEO at Favendo