How Martal helped

Visco CG

To increase sales in the US and Canada
15 000
Prospects generated/
Andriy Onyskiv

About Visco CG

Company Target and Verticals

Visco CG targets marketers at consumer-product, machinery and industrial companies.

Visco CG transforms the collective message of architects, designers, and marketing professionals into photorealistic 3d renderings, 360s and animations.

  • Industry 3D Architectural Visualization
  • Company Size 50
  • Headquarters Lviv, Ukraine

Responsible Team:

  • Brennan Farrell
    Brennan Farrel
    11 y. in B2B sales, Raleigh, NC
  • David Harris
    David Harris
    8 y. in Sales, Queens County, NY


What was the scope of Martal’s involvement

Martal Group teamed with Visco CG to generate sale-ready leads with tangible traction. Following the boarding process, Martal created outbound campaigns that allowed ViscoCG to further nurture and close deals.

Results and Feedback

The impact of the engagement

Martal’s campaigns resulted in the creation of qualified leads for Visco CG from the US and Canada.

  • 15000
    Prospects generated/ month
  • 6
    Qualified leads generated/month

Project management performance

Visco CG received weekly calls and daily updates through email and WhatsApp. Through data-driven prospecting, The Martal team identified highly focused segments that were targeted with personalized outbound campaigns resulting in several successfully booked sales appointments.

Sales strategies used

Martal Group worked on prospect research, cold-calling, and providing data-driven email campaigns to find qualified leads for their business.

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