Martal Lunch and Learn Meetings: 3x Your Scheduled Sales Appointments

When was the last time you had lunch with a lead?

96% of people surveyed believe sharing a meal is a great way to meet. So, we can assume the prospects in your pipeline would enjoy a free lunch while they learn more about your brand, right?

But truth be told, it’s not easy to seamlessly coordinate a virtual discovery call where lunch is delivered right on time for the meeting. Or is it?

At Martal Group, we’ve discovered a way for your leads to have their lunch and eat it too. Through our Lunch and Learn program, we are helping our clients deliver an exceptional discovery call experience that helps build lasting relationships with potential customers.

Let’s look at how implementing Lunch and Learn meetings into your lead generation strategy could 3x your scheduled sales appointments.

What is a Lunch and Learn Meeting?

A Lunch and Learn meeting is just like any other virtual discovery call, but prospects receive a complimentary meal of their choice as an added bonus.

These meet-and-eat sessions are the perfect way of infusing engagement and enlightenment into an otherwise awkward first encounter. It’s also a great way to snag some time with some of the busiest decision-makers on your list of dream clients.

3 Reasons Lunch and Learn Meetings 3x Your Conversion Rate

The majority of adults eat 10 out of 21 meals alone each week. That’s a lot of lonely lunches, but it’s also an opportunity to build bonds during a vacant space in your ideal client’s calendar.

And if better time management isn’t enough of a motivation, here are three more reasons Lunch and Learn meetings triple conversion rates.

It’s Proven — Food Improves Message Reception and Comprehension

Food has been proven to strengthen an audience’s receptiveness in a multitude of scientific studies. Even something as simple as a package of peanuts and a can of coke makes it easier to receive another person’s message, as Dr. Irving Janis discovered during an experiment on his Yale students.

Surprisingly, Snickers was spot on with the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” slogan. Scientists have also found that satisfying food amplifies positive emotions, boosts optimism, and increases comprehension. It’s no wonder that fundraising events and noteworthy business meetings are often catered onsite or hosted at restaurants. The resulting perspective shift makes it easier for presenters to reason with their audience and deliver a compelling pitch successfully.

We have found that Lunch and Learn meetings achieve a similar effect. Prospects who book lunchtime discovery calls are up to five times more likely to attend. Our clients also note that attendees are more engaged and talk more openly about their obstacles and objectives.

Breaking Bread Breaks the Ice

When dating, social convention dictates that food be a central part of the first act of courting. You may grab a coffee and a scone, have a picnic in the park, or go out for dinner and a movie. In any case, we instinctively know that breaking bread together helps break the ice.

Selling is a lot like dating; you are getting to know one another and testing the waters for compatibility. That being said, it makes sense to emulate some of the same behaviors involved in courtship.

To continue with our comparison, a discovery call is similar to a first date. By sharing a meal during this make-or-break moment, you are engaging in the act of social bonding — even if you are miles apart. The simple act of providing lunch shows the sincerity you place on the sales meeting and thaw prospective clients’ thoughts before the meeting even starts.

Eating Together Leaves a Lasting Impression

When was the last time you were offered lunch during a virtual discovery call? Most mainstream lead generation strategies default to coffee shop gift cards as a time-bartering tactic. But, if you think about it, coffee is for casual encounters.

Lunch, on the other hand, leaves a lasting impression. The bonding experience created during your shared meal is much more potent than any PowerPoint slide. And a decision-maker is more likely to remember the company that delivered lunch over the one that delivered a presentation.

How Does Martal Ensure Lunch and Learn Leads are Qualified?

We understand that scheduling calls with sales-qualified leads is your primary goal. To ensure your Lunch and Learn meetings evolve into meaningful conversations, we filter leads through your ideal client profiles using buyer intent data. This means our sales executives only focus on the best-fit prospects searching for your solution.

Because your time is valuable, we double down on vetting by asking qualifying questions to verify that the leads are genuinely interested before booking meetings on your calendar.

3-Step Process for Scheduling a Lunch and Learn Meeting

Simplicity = Success. That’s why we make scheduling a Lunch and Learn meeting a no-hassle process for your prospects and a completely hands-off process for you.

1. Unique Ordering Link Sent Directly to the Lead

After our sales executive schedules a lunchtime meeting on your calendar, a unique link is sent to the lead. Interactions through the link are tracked so we can determine if an order has been made or if we need to follow up on the progress.

2. Lead Orders The Complimentary Lunch

Your lead’s custom unique gives them access to order a complimentary meal from a restaurant of their choice. We offer a wide selection with thousands of meals and drinks available, so your attendees will be able to order their favorite lunch no matter what their dietary preferences may be.

3. Lunch Arrives Just in Time for Your Meeting

Lunch will arrive a few minutes before the virtual discovery call, so you and your prospect will be able to enjoy the meal and meeting uninterrupted.

How to Get Started with Martal Lunch and Learn

All of our clients’ campaigns are executed using advanced sales processes proven to drive results. After months of testing, we believe our new Lunch and Learn program will be a cornerstone of our lead generation strategies.

As a part of Martal Group’s mission to modernize lead generation, we have made Lunch and Learning meetings standard for all of our outbound services. If you are interested in learning more about how Martal Group can help you reach your revenue goals, book a call with us today.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group