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We’ll Help Fill Your Pipeline with Sales-Qualified Leads from Los Angeles

Without the right leads, scaling your business in California’s most popular and populated city is nearly impossible. But the whole lead generation process can quickly drain your team’s resources, reducing your overall profits.

At Martal, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your margins to grow your business. That’s why we made it our mission to build a top-performing sales team to generate
high-quality leads for businesses like yours — all for as little as a third of the cost.

Whether you want to expand your local presence or dominate the global market, our sales executives can help you secure more leads and schedule more sales meetings with your ideal clients.

The Most Common Lead Generation Strategies

We employ a blend of proven strategies and innovative techniques to meet the unique challenges of generating leads in saturated markets. Here’s a look at the key strategies we use to drive engagement and book appointments with your ideal clients.

Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound email campaigns are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, but outdated, volume-based tactics can do more harm than good. At Martal, we prioritize quality over quantity by segmenting and personalizing each campaign, adding value to every message.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is an excellent way to warm up leads. The biggest hurdle is making a connection. To overcome this challenge, we only call prospects engaged with the outreach, using state-of-the-art dialing technology to maximize conversions and minimize wasted time.

Social Selling

LinkedIn lead generation is one of the most powerful social selling strategies — and for good reason. With four out of five of LinkedIn’s one billion members owning a piece of the purchasing decision, it’s a prospect pool you simply can’t pass up. It’s just one of the many reasons LinkedIn  is an integral part of our lead generation service.

B2B Lead Generation in Los Angeles

Want to know how we do it?

While we implement some of the most common lead generation strategies, our marketing methods are anything but ordinary. Check out our unique tactics and discover why over 2,000 B2B brands trust Martal as their on-demand lead generation agency.


Signal-Driven Prospecting (2x Your Conversion Rate)

We don’t target just any prospects; we target decision-makers who match your business’s ICP and are already engaged in the purchasing process. How? By tracking the buyer intent signals of your ideal clients.


Lunch and Learn Meetings (3x Your Conversion Rate)

Nothing sets your business apart from the crowd like a good first impression, which is why our Lunch and Learn Meeting program comes standard with every lead generation service. We’ll help you double conversions with key decision-makers by offering a free lunch delivered just in time for your virtual meeting.


Technographic Targeting (4x Your Conversion Rate)

Are you facing fierce competition? In today’s digital era, most tech businesses struggle to survive in an oversaturated market. Through technographic data, we can help you convert your competitors’ customers into sales-qualified leads.

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