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Ready to Scale Your Sales in New York?

With over 220,000 businesses in New York City alone, standing out is not just an advantage —it’s a necessity. However, the sheer density of competition, coupled with the discretionary nature of today’s business leaders, makes penetrating this lucrative market a formidable challenge.

Fortunately, scaling your sales in New York doesn’t have to overwhelm your team. That’s where Martal comes in—let us handle the heavy lifting of lead generation so your team can focus on what they do best: closing deals.

Lead Generation Strategies that Produce Results in New York

Traditional lead generation strategies don’t cut it in New York’s bustling marketing arena. You need tactics tailored to the unique demands of a fast-paced city to ensure your message reaches and resonates with the right audience.

Here’s how we leverage distinct marketing methodologies to create a multichannel lead generation strategy that connects you with top decision-makers and influencers:

Outbound Email Marketing

Email marketing is the go-to strategy for businesses that want to scale, but the key to success is value, not volume. At Martal, our email marketing campaigns are tailored to your ICPs, packed with valuable insights, and laser-focused on the prospects most likely to convert.

Cold Calling

Cold calling may be old school, but it’s far from outdated. Our sales executives adopt a contemporary approach, using advanced dialing technology and our proprietary workflow to minimize waste, maximize engagement, and increase conversions.

Social Selling

For B2B companies, 8 out of 10 leads generated via social media come from LinkedIn. That’s why LinkedIn lead generation is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy. By networking on LinkedIn with prospects already in the pipeline, we’re able to boost engagement rates and open more opportunities with key decision-makers.

Our Top-Converting Lead Gen Methods for New York Business Development

From Wall Street to Silicon Alley, we understand that every business has its nuances.

Here’s how we can help you double or even quadruple the number of sales-qualified meetings booked so you can thrive in the City that Never Sleeps:


Signal-Driven Prospecting (2x Your Conversion Rate)

Martal sales executives cut through the noise with our advanced signal-driven prospecting process. By identifying and engaging decision-makers based on real-time buying signals, we focus our efforts on leads most likely to book meetings.


Lunch and Learn Meetings (3x Your Conversion Rate)

Nothing sets your business apart from the crowd like a good first impression, which is why our Lunch and Learn Meeting program comes standard with every lead generation service. We’ll help you double conversions with key decision-makers by offering a free lunch delivered just in time for your virtual meeting.


Technographic Targeting (4x Your Conversion Rate)

Are you facing fierce competition? In today’s digital era, most tech businesses struggle to survive in an oversaturated market. Through technographic data, we can help you convert your competitors’ customers into sales-qualified leads.

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