About Abstrakt

Abstrakt Marketing Group, based in St. Louis, Missouri, specializes in B2B lead generation and business growth services for small to medium-sized businesses.

It offers a suite of services, including appointment setting, inbound lead generation, and creative services. With over a decade in the industry, Abstrakt aims to provide predictable growth and build robust sales pipelines for its clients.

  • Founded 2009
  • Avg Sales Rep experience (years)
  • Core team location — where is your client facing team based The United States

Abstrakt’s Services Offered

Appointment Setting:

Abstrakt's B2B appointment setting service is designed to help businesses fill their sales pipelines with qualified leads. Its team of SDRs conducts cold calls and email campaigns, targeting key decision-makers based on the company’s ideal client profile (ICP).

Inbound Lead Generation:

Abstrakt’s inbound lead generation service provides a comprehensive analysis and strategic implementation of SEO tactics tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals. Each SEO project aims to increase organic traffic and inbound leads by improving the client's website rankings on search engine results pages.

Creative Services:

Through its creative service, the Abstrakt team develops custom materials, such as brochures, pitch decks, and infographics, to bolster a company’s marketing strategy and enhance brand communication.

CRM Integration:

As a Salesforce Consulting partner, Abstrakt provides a CRM integration service to streamline sales processes and improve lead management within the Salesforce platform. The Abstrakt team configures Salesforce features to suit business-specific workflows and objectives and offers training and support to maximize the system's use.


While pricing for appointment setting, inbound lead generation, and CRM integration services are not explicitly listed on the Abstrakt website, pricing for creative services ranges between $750 and $3,000 monthly.

According to Clutch reviews, the most common project size with Abstrakt falls between $10,000 and $49,000.

Why Choose Martal Group

Martal Group vs Abstrakt Marketing Group Comparison

Sales Research

Martal Group
Total Reviews: 99
Total Reviews: 25

Scope of Service

Evaluating the scope of service is essential when selecting a lead generation partner, as it highlights the range of tasks the agency can handle. Many agencies focus primarily on the early stages of the sales cycle, such as lead generation and appointment setting; however, this often leaves a critical support gap in the later stages, particularly in closing deals.


Abstrakt provides frontline support during the initial stages of the sales cycle. Through Abstrakt’s lead generation and appointment setting services, entry-level SDRs identify, contact, and qualify potential leads for B2B companies. Once the first sales meeting is scheduled, the responsibility of advancing leads through the sales cycle, negotiating contracts, and closing deals falls on the client’s internal team.


At Martal, we provide a comprehensive scope of services that offers sales support from first contact to the final signature. Our senior sales executives are adept at not only generating and nurturing leads but also advancing them through the sales cycle and successfully closing deals. By offering full-service solutions, we’re able to help our clients scale their revenue without the hassle of hiring, training, and managing additional team members.

Level of Sales Experience

The level of sales experience within an outsourced team is pivotal in determining the success of lead generation efforts. While cost efficiency is a significant advantage of outsourcing, the sales team's experience and skill set are crucial for the effective execution of B2B strategies.


Abstrakt employs individuals with little to no prior sales experience. New hires are provided with a foundational 10-day training program to prepare them for basic lead generation tasks as entry-level SDRs. For B2B companies in need of simple lead engagement and qualification services, Abstrakt’s team may offer suitable support.


Each sales executive at Martal has a robust background in B2B business development with an average of three to five years of experience. By acquiring talent already knowledgeable in B2B sales, we can give our clients access to top performers with advanced skills in lead nurturing, objection handling, and deal closure based on their target audience or industry.

Team Location

The geographical location of a lead generation team can influence its ability to harness a diverse and innovative talent pool. While on-site teams can benefit from close-knit collaboration, they might lack the broad perspective and skill set that comes from an international team working remotely.


The Absrakt team operates out of its headquarters in St. Louis, MO. By focusing on local hiring, Abstrakt may benefit from cohesive team dynamics and streamlined communication. However, an entirely on-site team confines knowledge and expertise to the team’s regional market.


The Martal team is fully remote, with seasoned sales executives operating across North America, Western Europe, and LATAM. Because of our international presence, we’re able to build teams that not only have regional and industry-specific experience but also match the preferred availability and communication styles of our clients and their prospects.

Prospecting Process

A lead generation company’s prospecting process is a key indicator of its ability to navigate crowded landscapes and deliver quality leads that align with specific business needs. In an era when buyers are inundated with marketing messages, B2B companies are finding it increasingly harder to engage potential clients. A well-structured prospecting process that prioritizes decision-makers most likely to convert is the most effective way to drive better results and achieve a higher return on investment.


At Abstrakt, the prospecting process is contact-driven. It leverages demographic and firmographic data, such as industry, company size, and job title, to pinpoint potential leads that align with the ICP. While using data matching to initiate contact with prospects is a tried-and-tested method, it omits factors like interest and intent that can significantly impact engagement and conversion rates.


Through advanced data analytics, our sales executives at Martal can identify prospects demonstrating active buying intent signals, thus enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Our methodology is built on the fundamental idea that engaging prospects already involved in the purchasing process leads to more meaningful and effective interactions. And based on our data, it works! Our clients' booked meetings have doubled in response to our signal-driven prospecting process.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

B2B purchasing behaviors are evolving so rapidly that they are outpacing some of today’s most popular lead generation strategies. Choosing a lead generation agency that shifts its strategy to adapt to buyers’ preferences and trends is essential for businesses aiming to optimize their marketing efforts and achieve substantial growth.


Abstrakt relies on traditional lead generation methods such as mass emailing and telemarketing to reach broad audiences. Its campaigns aim to increase client lead quantity by targeting a large number of leads with a high volume of touchpoints.


At Martal, we continuously modernize our lead generation strategies to align with the current market dynamics. By implementing targeted, prospect-centric strategies, our sales executives engage potential clients with purpose, offering value within every interaction. Programs such as our Lunch and Learn meetings have helped our team build instant rapport between our clients and their prospects. We’ve also developed innovative techniques such as competitive displacement campaigns through technographic targeting and intent-based marketing powered by psychographic data that minimize touchpoints while increasing conversions.

Martal Group for Outbound B2B Lead Generation

About Martal Group

Martal Group has been serving the tech industry exclusively since 2009 making it one of the most experienced B2B lead generation companies in the market today. Whether you are the founder of a tech start-up with a vision of accelerated growth or a well-established brand looking to expand your partnerships, Martal Group can help you close deals faster.

With three tiers to choose from, you have access to a wider range of B2B lead generation services at Martal Group that goes beyond appointment setting into presenting solutions, overcoming objections, closing deals, and managing accounts.

Martal Group Core Team Location

Martal Group sales executives and copywriters are based in the USA and Canada to ensure your entrance or continued efforts to increase your market share in North America is a seamless process. The sales team uses multiple channels for outbound outreach including emails, LinkedIn, and phone calls to maximize engagement opportunities. Your ideal client profile (ICP) is used to create targeted lead lists with powerful intent data and the most up-to-date information available.

Martal Group Services Offered

  • Tier 1

    Martal Group’s lead generation plan includes precision targeting for your ICP, personalized omnichannel campaign sequences, structured lead qualification based on client criteria, and appointment setting for ideal prospects.

  • Tier 2

    The second tier in Martal Group’s service plans includes everything mentioned in the first tier along with assistance in closing deals and onboarding new customers generated through the sales team’s efforts.

  • Tier 3

    Martal Group’s most inclusive plan is great for B2B tech companies that don’t have a dedicated sales team or that need a specia- lized team for the North American market as it provides account management in ad- dition to tier two services.

Martal group

Due to our unique structure, Martal Group does not list pricing. Martal Group is the only B2B lead generation company that offers pay-per-lead hybrid options to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

You can contact us for an assessment of your customized B2B lead generation pricing.

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About Martal Group

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