About Leadium

Leadium is a B2B lead generation agency dedicated to accelerating revenue pipelines through channel-optimized lead research and strategic appointment setting services.

With a focus on leveraging human-sourced data and multichannel outreach, they aim to provide a personalized, efficient path to growth for sales-driven organizations, all while promising a significant reduction in the weighted cost of building an in-house team.

  • Founded 2016
  • Avg Sales Rep experience (years)
  • Core team location — where is your client facing team based Ukraine and the Dominican Republic

Leadium’s Services Offered:

Lead Generation:

Leadium's Lead Generation service is rooted in its data sourcing and enrichment process. Utilizing a team of junior researchers, Leadium curates B2B lead lists through web scraping. This manual method involves the collection and validation of B2B contact information. Leadium aims to replace overpriced databases with its Lead Generation service by gathering prospect data in real-time that is directly relevant to its clients' needs.

Appointment Setting:

As an extension of its Lead Generation service, Leadium offers an Appointment Setting service for those needing additional support in their sales processes. Through Leadium’s done-for-you package, SDRs conduct outbound outreach on behalf of the client through email campaigns, cold calling, and LinkedIn social selling. Depending on the target audience, Leadium may incorporate a gifting strategy to foster initial conversations. This well-rounded, multichannel program is fueled by contact data manually collected by Leadium’s research team.


While Leadium does not list pricing directly on its website, past and current clients have reported an average project size of $10,000 to $49,000 on Clutch.

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Sales Research

Martal Group
Total Reviews: 99
Total Reviews: 33

Scope of Service

Navigating the sales cycle can be daunting, with prospecting and closing being the most challenging milestones.


Leadium addresses this by focusing on the initial stages, offering an outsourced team for prospecting and lead qualification. Its services help set the stage for productive sales meetings, leaving the subsequent phases of the sales cycle to the client's in-house team.


Martal Group, on the other hand, offers a more expansive approach. Beyond just appointment setting, our Tier 2 service includes senior sales executives skilled in the art of closing. These professionals don’t just generate leads; they actively engage in presentations, negotiations, and closing deals. This comprehensive service ensures that from the first point of contact to the final handshake, Martal is there, turning prospects into purchasers and providing a seamless journey through the entire sales cycle.

Team Location

In today's global playing field, the quest for talent knows no borders. Building a proficient sales team hinges on hiring diverse professionals from various locations and backgrounds. By taking an international approach to talent acquisition, lead generation agencies can offer a more collaborative environment for sales professionals, empowering them to develop highly productive strategies based on real-world experiences.


Leadium opts for a more localized approach, with client-facing teams, including researchers and sales development representatives (SDRs), stationed in offshore offices in Ukraine and the Dominican Republic. This strategy allows them to harness regional expertise and cultivate a team well-versed in the local market dynamics.


On the flip side, Martal Group embraces the power of a global perspective with a fully remote team. This model enables Martal to access a deeper talent pool, with 80% of our sales executives in North America, 10% in Western Europe, and another 10% in LATAM. Such a widespread presence has resulted in a rich diversity of skills and insights, allowing for a more flexible and comprehensive understanding of various markets and cultures.

Level of Sales Experience

The experience level of the sales team significantly influences the efficacy of lead generation efforts. While outsourcing can streamline operations and cut costs, the real value is unlocked when the team's experience aligns with the complexity of the task at hand. With their advanced skills in lead nurturing and objection handling, senior sales executives are often more adept at converting prospects into clients than their entry-level counterparts.


Leadium primarily employs entry-level SDRs, many of whom are recent college graduates. These individuals bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the team, which can be invaluable in generating new ideas and approaches. However, their relative lack of experience might limit their ability to navigate more complex sales cycles and handle objections as effectively as seasoned professionals.


Martal Group focuses on harnessing the expertise of senior sales executives, each bringing an average of three to five years of sales experience. This depth of experience means that Martal's team is not just executing strategies but crafting them with a nuanced understanding of the sales process, ready to engage in sophisticated lead nurturing and close deals with a higher degree of finesse and strategic insight.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

In B2B sales, understanding and adapting to the changing landscape of purchasing behaviors is crucial. The days when telemarketing and mass-blast emails dominated are fading, making way for more nuanced and effective strategies.


Leadium holds its ground with traditional outbound strategies, believing in the power of increasing outbound activity to boost conversions. However, Leadium sometimes weaves in a gift strategy to its multichannel campaigns, adding a personal touch to spark conversations and pique interest.


Martal is all about pioneering modern lead generation strategies. Recognizing the shift in B2B purchasing behaviors, we've reinvented our approach to outbound. By scheduling Lunch and Learn meetings and tailoring outreach with psychographic and technographic insights, we build rapport swiftly while doubling, or even tripling, conversions for our clients.


In lead generation, the workflow plays a crucial role in overall performance. Complex workflows with multiple teams and dependencies can often lead to miscommunications and missed deadlines, impacting the overall efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns. However, when one sales professional manages the entire workflow from start to finish, that person gains a deeper understanding of the target market and unique selling points, leading to more coherent and targeted strategies. Striking the right balance between specialized expertise and streamlined processes is essential to maximize both the quality of interactions and the timeliness of engagements.


Leadium operates with a multisource workflow, distributing tasks across specialized roles such as data researchers, copywriters, campaign strategists, and SDRs. This approach allows for a focused depth of expertise in each campaign element but requires strong coordination to prevent the siloing of information and ensure a cohesive strategy.


At Martal, we opt for a single-source workflow where each sales executive oversees the entire lead generation process. This model promotes a comprehensive understanding of each campaign, from market research to direct prospect engagement. By managing all aspects, Martal's sales executives can quickly adapt strategies based on real-time feedback and maintain a seamless flow of information. In doing so, we can enhance the agility and responsiveness of our team while providing each prospect with a personalized experience that aligns with the campaign's objectives.

Prospecting Data Sourcing

The accuracy of prospect data significantly influences the number of sales-qualified leads and booked meetings a company can expect. While traditional methods like web scraping have been prevalent throughout the early years of digital marketing, intelligent cloud databases have revolutionized the accuracy and quality of prospect data. In addition, manually curated lists lack valuable insights such as buyer intent signals and psychographic data, both of which can only be accessed through prospecting platforms enhanced with AI and ML algorithms.


Keeping in line with its more traditional approach to outbound, Leadium relies on a dedicated team of junior researchers to manually source and validate B2B contact information. This method, rooted in meticulous hand-selection, aims to ensure the data's relevance and accuracy, reflecting their commitment to providing tailored prospect lists.


Martal, however, embraces a more technologically advanced strategy to prospecting. By investing in cutting-edge cloud databases, we ensure access to a reservoir of over 100 million verified and regularly updated contacts. Our sales executives curate each list in just 5 to 10 minutes, ensuring that the data is not only fresh but also highly relevant. Moreover, we enhance our targeting by filtering prospects based on buyer intent signals, significantly increasing the precision and effectiveness of our outreach.

Martal Group for Outbound B2B Lead Generation

About Martal Group

Martal Group has been serving the tech industry exclusively since 2009 making it one of the most experienced B2B lead generation companies in the market today. Whether you are the founder of a tech start-up with a vision of accelerated growth or a well-established brand looking to expand your partnerships, Martal Group can help you close deals faster.

With three tiers to choose from, you have access to a wider range of B2B lead generation services at Martal Group that goes beyond appointment setting into presenting solutions, overcoming objections, closing deals, and managing accounts.

Martal Group Core Team Location

Martal Group sales executives and copywriters are based in the USA and Canada to ensure your entrance or continued efforts to increase your market share in North America is a seamless process. The sales team uses multiple channels for outbound outreach including emails, LinkedIn, and phone calls to maximize engagement opportunities. Your ideal client profile (ICP) is used to create targeted lead lists with powerful intent data and the most up-to-date information available.

Martal Group Services Offered

  • Tier 1

    Martal Group’s lead generation plan includes precision targeting for your ICP, personalized omnichannel campaign sequences, structured lead qualification based on client criteria, and appointment setting for ideal prospects.

  • Tier 2

    The second tier in Martal Group’s service plans includes everything mentioned in the first tier along with assistance in closing deals and onboarding new customers generated through the sales team’s efforts.

  • Tier 3

    Martal Group’s most inclusive plan is great for B2B tech companies that don’t have a dedicated sales team or that need a specia- lized team for the North American market as it provides account management in ad- dition to tier two services.

Martal group

Due to our unique structure, Martal Group does not list pricing. Martal Group is the only B2B lead generation company that offers pay-per-lead hybrid options to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

You can contact us for an assessment of your customized B2B lead generation pricing.

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About Martal Group

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