About memoryBlue

MemoryBlue is a B2B sales and lead generation company that supports high-tech firms in overcoming sales development challenges. With offices in the US and the UK, memoryBlue caters to a diverse clientele. Its services include B2B lead generation and SDR training programs, aiming to fill sales pipelines and enhance business growth.

  • Founded 2002
  • Avg Sales Rep experience (years)
  • Core team location — where is your client facing team based The United Kingdom and the United States

memoryBlue Services Offered

Lead Generation Services:

memoryBlue offers lead generation services tailored to B2B tech and software companies geared toward attracting new clients in competitive markets. memoryBlue's process involves identifying target audiences, generating and qualifying leads using multi-channel approaches, nurturing leads through the sales funnel, and measuring the results to optimize strategies.

SDR Training Program:

The memoryBlue Academy is a training program designed to cultivate high-tech sales professionals. It focuses on equipping entry-level SDRs with the essential skills needed to succeed in tech sales. The academy prides itself on building a strong foundation in business development, lead generation, and appointment setting. Graduates of the program are prepared to take on entry-level sales positions, having been trained to initiate sales processes, qualify leads, and set appointments.

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Scope of Service

When choosing a lead generation agency to assist your in-house team, it’s important to assess each potential partner's scope of service. Many agencies concentrate on the initial stages of the sales cycle, such as lead generation and appointment setting; however, this often results in a support gap as the process advances toward deal closure. For companies focused on growth, selecting a partner that delivers a full spectrum of services is essential to ensure a continuous and effective sales journey from prospect to customer.


memoryBlue specializes in the early stages of the sales cycle, primarily focusing on lead generation and appointment setting. At memoryBlue, entry-level SDRs identify and nurture leads, setting the groundwork for the client’s internal team to take over for deal closure. While these services are effective for bolstering the top of the sales funnel with qualified leads, in-house teams may struggle to scale fast enough to keep up with the sudden influx of opportunities.


Martal, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive service that spans the entire sales cycle. Beyond just lead generation and appointment setting, Martal’s Tier 2 plan provides senior sales executives with the ability to manage the entire sales process from first contact to the final signature. Our end-to-end services provide a more integrated solution for companies seeking a long-term partnership with a lead generation and sales agency.

Team Location

The location of an outsourced team significantly impacts its operational flexibility and talent acquisition strategy. While on-site teams have the benefit of collaborating and communicating in real-time, their talent pool is limited to those within commutable distance. Remote teams, on the other hand, can tap into a diverse range of talent, enabling agencies to employ top-performing professionals on a global scale, thus bringing varied perspectives and skills to their clients’ campaigns.


memoryBlue operates with an on-site team primarily located in the United States (93%) and a smaller presence in the UK (7%). This centralized model facilitates tight-knit team collaboration and streamlined communication; however, the reliance on physical office locations limits the diversity of the talent pool to those within the vicinity of their offices.


In contrast, Martal embraces a fully remote team structure, with a significant presence in North America (80%) and additional sales executives in Western Europe and LATAM (20% combined). By adopting an international talent acquisition strategy, we are able to access a broader talent pool full of top performers with real-world experience in nearly every industry. In addition, our team’s global presence enables us to cater to a diverse client base across various markets and time zones.

Level of Sales Experience

While outsourcing is a cost-effective way to enhance sales capabilities, the proficiency and experience of the sales team are key factors in achieving high-quality leads. When assessing lead generation agencies, it’s important to evaluate the hiring qualifications, such as average years of sales experience and industry knowledge.


memoryBlue utilizes entry-level SDRs to drive its clients’ lead generation campaigns. New recruits are not required to have prior sales experience. This approach allows for a fresh perspective and adaptability but might necessitate extensive training and mentorship to equip these SDRs for handling complex sales environments and sophisticated client interactions effectively.


At Martal, we prioritize experience in our recruitment process. Each sales executive we hire possesses between three to five years of B2B sales experience. Because we employ seasoned professionals, our team has a deep understanding of the intricate nuances of generating leads, managing objections, and progressing potential clients through complex purchasing decisions.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

While many of the lead generation channels remain the same, strategies vary from agency to agency. Some cling to traditional outbound methods focused on volume-based outreach; however, studies have shown that these tactics are no longer sustainable. B2B decision-makers are more informed (and skeptical) than ever before. Lead generation agencies that incorporate modern strategies adapted to buyers’ preferences and behaviors typically achieve significantly higher conversion rates for their clients.


The SDRs at memoryBlue adhere to conventional outbound lead generation techniques. Client campaigns are designed to cast a wide net by utilizing traditional tactics like mass emailing and telemarketing. In some cases, these volume-based strategies can result in short-term gains, but stringent spam algorithms, limited prospect pools, and marketing fatigue all contribute to a steep and steady decline in performance over time.


To promote a more buyer-centric experience for prospects, the Martal team has pioneered modern lead generation strategies that minimize touchpoints while maximizing value. Our sales executives create highly personalized, data-driven campaigns using in-depth psychographic and technographic insights to deliver relevant and timely messages. Combined with our Lunch and Learn meetings that effectively set the stage for exceptionally productive discovery calls, our strategies have been proven to help clients as much quadruple the number of appointments booked.

Prospecting Process

In an age where B2B buyers are overwhelmed with marketing communications, finding the right prospects requires sales teams to dive deeper than surface-level data. No matter how good the strategy or messaging may be, lead generation campaigns will produce subpar results without the right prospecting process. Partnering with an agency that leverages advanced prospecting tools can greatly enhance the overall performance of a lead generation campaign.


memoryBlue employs a traditional prospecting strategy, utilizing demographic and firmographic data, such as job title, company size, and industry, to identify and reach out to potential leads. While rooted in proven methodologies, this approach may encounter obstacles in penetrating the dense noise disrupting the majority of today’s marketing communications.


Martal adopts a signal-driven prospecting methodology, leveraging advanced databases to identify decision-makers who not only fit the ideal client profile but also show clear signs of buyer intent. In doing so, our sales executives are able to engage with prospects already progressing through the sales funnel, enhancing the likelihood of conversion and fostering more impactful and efficient interactions throughout the sales process.

Sales Training Program

Sales training isn’t just for novices. It’s essential for all levels, from providing new SDRs with foundational business development skills to enhancing the capabilities of seasoned professionals with advanced techniques. When hiring freshly trained B2B sales talent, it’s important to recruit those who are well-versed in the basics and have also gained experience in strategies like solution selling and enterprise-level prospecting.


memoryBlue’s Sales Academy assists emerging talent in developing fundamental skills. Its curriculum lays the groundwork for early-stage business development processes, such as lead generation and appointment setting. Graduates of memoryBlue’s Sales Academy are prepared to enter the workforce as entry-level SDRs, with their employers responsible for further campaign management and optimization training.


The Martal Academy helps seasoned B2B sales professionals transition into the lucrative and challenging world of tech sales. Our advanced training program covers strategic account management, complex sales cycle navigation, and sophisticated sales methodologies. Trainees not only learn theoretical aspects but also engage in real-world applications, readying them for high-stakes sales environments. Tech companies interested in onboarding a Martal Academy graduate have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a candidate before making a hiring decision. The graduate is guided by an expert sales executive during this pilot period to ensure peak performance.

Martal Group for Outbound B2B Lead Generation

About Martal Group

Martal Group has been serving the tech industry exclusively since 2009 making it one of the most experienced B2B lead generation companies in the market today. Whether you are the founder of a tech start-up with a vision of accelerated growth or a well-established brand looking to expand your partnerships, Martal Group can help you close deals faster.

With three tiers to choose from, you have access to a wider range of B2B lead generation services at Martal Group that goes beyond appointment setting into presenting solutions, overcoming objections, closing deals, and managing accounts.

Martal Group Core Team Location

Martal Group sales executives and copywriters are based in the USA and Canada to ensure your entrance or continued efforts to increase your market share in North America is a seamless process. The sales team uses multiple channels for outbound outreach including emails, LinkedIn, and phone calls to maximize engagement opportunities. Your ideal client profile (ICP) is used to create targeted lead lists with powerful intent data and the most up-to-date information available.

Martal Group Services Offered

  • Tier 1

    Martal Group’s lead generation plan includes precision targeting for your ICP, personalized omnichannel campaign sequences, structured lead qualification based on client criteria, and appointment setting for ideal prospects.

  • Tier 2

    The second tier in Martal Group’s service plans includes everything mentioned in the first tier along with assistance in closing deals and onboarding new customers generated through the sales team’s efforts.

  • Tier 3

    Martal Group’s most inclusive plan is great for B2B tech companies that don’t have a dedicated sales team or that need a specia- lized team for the North American market as it provides account management in ad- dition to tier two services.

Martal group

Due to our unique structure, Martal Group does not list pricing. Martal Group is the only B2B lead generation company that offers pay-per-lead hybrid options to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your investment.

You can contact us for an assessment of your customized B2B lead generation pricing.

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About Martal Group

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