6 Tips to Generate Outbound Leads Like a Top-Performing Sales Representative

Innate qualities and skillset are crucial to making it as a sales representative. 

But outbound lead generation is a science with many variables and parameters in play. And there’s no shortage of gifted sales reps who struggle to close any deals.

As it turns out:

All successful sales professionals have common ingredients such as drive, persistence, and self-confidence that are crucial for success with outbound lead generation.

Yet, what helps them make the most progress is the adoption of a coachable mindset focused on developing an immense willingness to learn and openness to new experiences.

Here are six techniques to help you get started on your path to master outbound lead generation:

1. Implement a Multichannel Strategy

Our top-performing salespeople follow a multichannel approach by focusing on at least three outbound channels. They usually connect with target prospects using email, phone, and LinkedIn. Yet, they’re also often active on other online platforms like Quora and G2.

Such a strategy allows the sales team to diversify its efforts in enhancing trust and filling any gaps in the prospect’s mind with a memorable impression.

2. Leverage Repeatable Processes

Because of their quantifiable and predictable nature, repeatable processes are a guaranteed way to maintain your outbound lead generation results. 

Top sales representatives do a lot of theorizing, testing, and evaluation to build a sustainable sales process. Once they have a successful strategy in place, they double down on it as long as it continues to drive results.

3. Automate Manual Processes

According to McKinsey, more than 60% of jobs today are eligible for a 30% automation on daily tasks. And sales is no exception!

There are a lot of monotonous duties that will suck your salespeople dry and leave them miserable. That includes lead scrapping, number dialing, data entry, result analysis, and more. 

All these repetitive tasks should be automated to save your valuable time, which you can then spend on more productive opportunities.

4. Be A Better Listener

Generating outbound leads is all about building rapport and authentic interactions.

The best sales representatives know how to tell the right story at the right time. They follow a customer-oriented approach that puts the client’s interest first while providing personalized solutions.

After delivering your 20-second elevator pitch and capturing the prospect’s interest, start asking questions and be genuinely interested in the answers. Only then will you be able to identify the overlap between your offer and the prospect’s pain. 

Once there, you can clearly demonstrate your solutions with a personalized plan.

5. Disqualify Bad Leads Early

Not all leads in your initial list will be a good fit for your business. The sooner you realize that, the more time and resources you’ll save for both you and your prospects.

The way to identify poor fits doesn’t have to be too clever or complicated.

You can do that right from the start if you focus on building a highly-targeted lead list in your outbound lead generation. Or you may ask each prospect — before setting any appointments — specific questions about their needs and growth plans. 

These are two of the best ways our sales team uses to qualify leads and prioritize them accordingly.

6. Follow up Until You Get An Answer

80% of deals close after more than five follow-up calls — yet, almost 50% of sales professionals never make a single follow-up attempt, as per Invesp.

Although getting ignored is hard, you must be persistent in your follow-up attempts until you get your response. Or else, everything you’ve worked for up to this point in your outbound lead generation is meaningless.

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Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group