Martal Group Recognized by The Manifest as Toronto’s Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Agency

We take great pride in acknowledging our recent recognition from The Manifest, which has distinguished us as one of Toronto’s most reviewed digital marketing agencies. This recognition is not just about our work; it’s about the businesses and individuals who have placed their trust in us. 

The Manifest: A Benchmark of B2B Reliability

The Manifest has established itself as a trusted resource for businesses seeking to partner with the best in the industry. Their comprehensive reviews and rankings offer valuable insights and serve as a guide for companies on the path to selecting a reliable partner. Martal Group is honored to be included on The Manifest, as it serves as a perfect platform for our customers to share their honest feedback. 

Martal: A Global Leader in Outsourced Sales and Lead Gen

From our early beginnings in 2009 as a sales consultant agency, Martal Group has grown into a top global provider of lead generation and outsourced sales services. Our ascent in the industry has been marked by a series of strategic successes. 

Alongside our recent accolade from The Manifest, we’ve recently been honored by The Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s top-growing companies for the second consecutive year, with a remarkable 3-year growth rate of 922 percent.

A few of our other achievements include being named one of the top three sales outsourcing firms worldwide by Clutch, a testament to our industry expertise and ability to deliver stellar results. Clutch has also recognized Martal as a leader in B2B call centers and placed us on their exclusive list of the top 1000 B2B companies globally. 

These honors are not mere markers of growth; they are proof of our team’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior results for our clients worldwide. 

Why Growth-Minded Companies Choose Martal

Choosing Martal Group means opting for a partner that places your business needs at the forefront. With experience helping over 2,000 brands build sustainable sales pipelines, we understand the distinct challenges and opportunities each of our clients faces. That’s why we don’t just offer services—we deliver customized solutions. 

Our international team of top-performing sales executives excels in crafting and executing lead gen campaigns that produce high-quality, sales-qualified meetings. By leveraging our expertise, your sales team can stop prospecting and start selling.

Looking to the Future

As we look to the future, Martal Group remains committed to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving B2B sales and marketing landscape. We are continuously refining our methodologies, embracing new technologies, and expanding our global reach to empower our clients with a competitive edge.

Join Us on the Journey to Success

Awards and recognition are a great starting point for understanding the level of service and commitment you can expect from a potential partner. Still, it’s no substitute for first-hand experiences. 

If you’re on the hunt for a dedicated sales partner, we’d love to schedule a Meet and Greet so you can gain insight into the industry knowledge and experience of the Martal team. With our proven track record in over 50 verticals, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve your sales goals. 

Book a time to chat with our experts so we can match you with the sales executives that best fit your needs. 

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group