Most Dependable Ways to Enhance Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy [4 Proven Tactics]

Account-based marketing (ABM) has proven to be a powerful strategy for B2B companies in all industries. It’s the ideal, cost-efficient approach for accelerating the sales cycle and expanding into new markets.


Any sales strategy — no matter how well-developed — may still require some tuning to reach its full potential. If you take the time to adjust your current ABM plan, you’ll not only maximize your ROI but also remain ahead of your competition for years to come.

Here are four tactics to further enhance your abm strategy:

1. Develop More Patience In The Process

ABM concentrates on a few high-value accounts instead of targeting the masses. Consequently, it requires a lot of patience before reaching its full potential and yielding your desired results. 

On top of that:

Most decision-makers you’ll reach out are yet to be prepared to connect with you and hear your proposals. It could be because they’re unfamiliar with your solutions or because they have doubts about your potential. And sometimes, it’s simply due to their tight schedule.

But the truth is…

All the magic with abm strategy happens when you’re about to give up after your 15th reaching attempt. Thus, the reasonable thing is to stay consistent in your efforts through an omnichannel approach that hammers your name into the prospect’s mind.

2. Be Inclusive In Your Outreach

More often than not, salespeople learn to avoid anyone who isn’t a decision-maker in their target organization. And to be fair, that may have been a clever approach many years ago. 

But the problem with that today is this:

Decision-makers have become experts at hiding from sales representatives and dodging their outreach attempts.

The solution?

Be more inclusive in your account-based marketing outreach by striking up memorable conversations with decision influencers. 

Anyone you reach out to can impact the final decision and help you get your foot in the door. That can happen in many ways, whether by giving you referrals or arming you with the necessary insider knowledge that will save you weeks of strategizing.

3. Go All In On Personalization for Your ABM Strategy

Your prospects probably receive hundreds of generic business proposals every day — the majority of which are going to go straight to the trash.


Because your target clients want to be seen as humans and not just another lead in your list. Thus, the surest way to get ignored is to approach them with a mass blast campaign.

To stand out from the pack:

Make a positive first impression that helps you be remembered further down the line. Fortunately, that’s not so difficult since account-based marketing is all about personalization.

Check out the prospect’s activity on LinkedIn and find any shared experiences to initiate the conversation. You can also find commonalities in any interesting ideas, posts, or articles they’ve published on their profile.

4. Alleviate Your Prospect’s Fears and Objections

Decision-makers don’t crave success as much as they dread failure. Simply because it’s the safest mindest to embrace in a world where every sales representative claims to be the expert.

As a result of that:

Your prospects will have a hard time understanding how your proposal can help their company and career. Even worse, they’ll face you with many initial objections as to why your solution wouldn’t work. 

To make your way through that, you must answer all questions before they’re asked to compel action. You can do that by offering an educational piece in the form of an ebook, template, or webinar that details your plan and highlights the value of the partnership. 

Another way to make account-based marketing more efficient is by simplifying the buying process. Facilitate the decision-making on your target clients by anticipating all roadblocks and handling them before they arise.

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Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group