Top 14 Marketing Agencies to Hire for Japanese Enterprises

Many Japanese enterprises find it challenging to distinguish themselves amidst intense competition. One effective strategy to rise above this challenge is by partnering with a marketing agency that genuinely grasps their unique needs and aspirations.

However, this introduces another problem…

With countless agencies vying for your attention, how do you hone in on the right ones? More importantly, how do you identify an ideal partner that’s equipped to address all your challenges?

Your search ends here!

To streamline your decision-making and ensure you choose a path that accelerates your business growth, we’ve curated a list of the top 14 marketing agencies known for consistently delivering outstanding results to their clients.

Let’s dive in.

1. Martal Group

Martal Group stands as an industry-leading B2B marketing and lead generation agency — and that makes it the ideal partner for any Japanese business aiming to expand into the North American market. With over a decade of experience, this marketing powerhouse has carved a niche in assisting a diverse range of B2B organizations across various sectors. 

From sprouting startups to esteemed Fortune 500 companies, Martal excels in fostering growth and innovation. Their prowess in managing and accelerating sales pipelines is backed by an international team of adept SDRs and sales executives, proficient in both outbound and inbound strategies.

  • Target market: B2B
  • Services Offered: Lead generation, Prospecting, Cold Outreach, outbound and Inbound Strategies, Sales Outsourcing, Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Target Industries: Technology, Software Development, MSP, AI, Telecom, Web Development, and a lot more…

Key Advantages

  • Proven track record of success with 14 years of experience serving companies of all sizes
  • International team of over 200 top-tier sales representatives based in the US, Canada, Europe, and LATAM
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales solutions encompassing both outbound and inbound strategies

2. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing operates as a dynamic influencer marketing agency, specializing in the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging a potent blend of technology and creativity, they have successfully bridged numerous B2C companies with over a billion consumers across Asia. Their expertise lies in crafting authentic narratives in countries like Singapore, Japan, Korea, and India, ensuring brands resonate deeply with their target audience.

  • Target Market: B2C
  • Services Offered: Influencer marketing, performance advertising, press release distribution, social media management, digital billboards, SEO
  • Target Industries: Computer Technology, Media Companies, IT Influencers, Automotive

Key Advantages

  • Extensive expertise in the Asia-Pacific influencer market
  • Mixture of technology-enhanced, innovative strategies for authentic campaigns
  • Locally-operating team of marketing experts based in Japan

3. Principle Co, Ltd.

Principle Co, Ltd. is another reliable firm to work with when seeking digital marketing solutions as a Japanese company. They offer a blend of consulting, technology, and marketing solutions, ensuring businesses are not only visible but also impactful in the digital age. Their commitment to providing end-to-end services has made them a trusted ally for many of their clients in the past.

  • Target Market: B2B
  • Services Offered: SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, consulting
  • Target Industries: Business Services, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Financial Services

Key Advantages:

  • Proven track record of delivering successful outcomes
  • Proficient marketing team fluent in Japanese to ensure seamless communication
  • Data-driven approach that guarantees informed and effective strategies

4. NinjaPromo.io 

NinjaPromo.io is an engaged digital marketing agency that orchestrates impactful promotional campaigns. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, they harness the power of social media, content, and influencer marketing to elevate Japanese brands. Their team excels at crafting tailored strategies that resonate with specific audiences, ensuring that every campaign they undertake leaves a tangible impact.

  • Target Market: B2B and B2C
  • Offered Services: Social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, PR, lead generation
  • Target Industries: Startups, Crypto, B2B, SaaS, Tech, E-Commerce

Key Advantages:

  • Proficiency in a variety of marketing tactics and channels
  • A goal-driven strategy focused on maximizing ROI for your investment
  • Exceptional communication and customer support

5. Verbsz Marketing

Verbsz Marketing specializes in delivering a broad spectrum of tailored digital campaign solutions to Japanese companies. They are dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of each client and formulating strategies that align with their objectives. With its team of professional marketing experts, Verbsz seamlessly blends creativity with data analytics to achieve measurable outcomes and secure tangible growth for its clientele.

  • Target Market: B2C
  • Offered Services: Creative design, SEO, SMM, PPC, web design and development, content strategy
  • Target Industries: E-Commerce, Small Businesses, Real Estate, Travel, Health

Key Advantages:

  • A skilled marketing team committed to ensuring a favorable ROI
  • Omni-channel marketing approach to maximize brand reach and conversions
  • Customized marketing solutions in alignment with your objectives


Based in Tokyo, TOKYO MARKETING is a bilingual digital marketing agency with years of experience in the Japanese market. They are primarily experts in paid advertising, social marketing, SEO, and content marketing. With a keen understanding of local nuances, TOKYO MARKETING can assist companies across various industries with launching and expanding their presence in Japan.

  • Target Market: B2B and B2C
  • Offered Services: Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, SMM, Conversion Optimization
  • Target Industries: Employee Benefits, Translation Solutions, Computer Software, Academic Editing, Sporting Goods

Key Advantages:

  • Bilingual marketers to help you proficiently navigate the Japanese digital landscape
  • Comprehensive digital marketing solutions, ranging from SEO and paid advertising to content marketing
  • Strong track record with a 4.9 average review rating on Clutch

7. Intero Digital

With over two decades of experience, Intero Digital has witnessed the evolution of digital marketing and has consistently adapted, innovated, and delivered next-level solutions. This agency takes a holistic approach, offering extensive digital marketing services that address every phase of the sales funnel.

  • Target market: B2B and B2C
  • Offered services: Digital Marketing, Branding, SEO, SMM, PPC, Web Development
  • Target industries: Sporting Goods, SaaS, Golf, Skincare, Design, Apparel, E-Commerce, IT Services

Key Advantages:

  • Established reputation with a diverse clientele across multiple industries
  • Integrated solutions that encompass the entire sales funnel
  • A diverse team of experts ready to enhance and support in-house marketing efforts

8. URALA International

URALA International is a reputable marketing and media agency with a global reach across multiple sectors. The firm boasts a robust presence in the Asia-Pacific region, including countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and especially Japan.

Urala International leverages in-depth knowledge of media, content, web design, and web development to help its clients engage more profoundly with their audience. Their multicultural team offers a wealth of expertise, efficiently catering to diverse markets and propelling business growth.

  • Target Market: B2B and B2C
  • Offered Services: Growth Marketing, Content Creation, Design, Web Development, and Data Optimization
  • Target Industries: Tech, Crypto, Finance, Gaming, Media, Insurance, Healthcare, Tourism, Consumer

Key Advantages:

  • Tokyo-based office with a significant footprint in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Multilingual team skilled in launching global campaigns and navigating diverse markets
  • Comprehensive marketing services encompassing media, content, design, and web development

9. Cience Technologies

CIENCE Technologies is a well-recognized lead generation and outbound sales service provider. The firm offers a blend of human intelligence and machine learning to deliver top-tier results for their clients. CIENCE Technologies’ expertise extends beyond traditional marketing techniques. Having successfully served businesses around the globe, they stand as a trustworthy choice for Japanese enterprises.

  • Target market: B2B
  • Offered services: Lead Generation, Outbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Data Research
  • Target industries: Internet, Manufacturing, Technology, Software

Key Advantages:

  • Globally renowned for lead generation and outbound sales
  • Utilizes a mix of technology and human expertise for unparalleled outcomes
  • Established success in the B2B sector, particularly within IT and software companies

10. Keith Dream

Keith Dream is a Japan-based marketing company that specializes in helping voice-related businesses, coaches, and small businesses achieve more growth. They take pride in their unique approach to enhancing online businesses, guaranteeing both growth and visibility.

The team behind Keith Dream crafts custom strategies rooted in clear communication, SMART goals, and a drive for success. Their commitment to understanding a business’s current standing and future aspirations allows them to devise strategies that are both realistic and achievable.

  • Target Market: B2C
  • Services Offered: Digital strategy, SEO, web design, branding
  • Target Industries: Voice-related sectors, coaching, and small business domains

Key Advantages:

  • Perfect fit for small-size businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Holistic marketing and web development solutions
  • Effective communication, facilitated by their presence in Japan

11. Krows Digital

Krows Digital is a Japan-based firm that provides a diverse range of marketing solutions to online brands. With a multicultural team, they can handle projects in numerous languages, including Japanese, English, French, and Spanish. They’ve successfully served many big clients across different industries. Krows Digital’s expertise encompasses various marketing mediums, ensuring businesses have solid chances to reach their ideal global audience.

  • Target market: B2B and B2C
  • Offered services: Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Web Design
  • Target industries: Small and Medium Enterprises, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, E-commerce

Key Advantages:

  • Multilingual marketing team capable of handling campaigns in Japanese, English, French, and Spanish.
  • Wealth of experience across various search platforms for enhanced visibility.
  • Comprehensive online marketing solutions to meet all your specific needs.

12. CoDigital, inc.

CoDigital, Inc. is a rising digital marketing firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This partner provides a spectrum of marketing solutions, from SEO and paid advertising to community management, all designed to bolster businesses’ online presence. The company takes pride in its growth strategies and the tailored solutions it delivers in several languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese.

  • Target Market: B2B, B2C
  • Offered Services: Advertising, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Translation, Influencer Marketing
  • Target Industries: Web Services, Crypto, Consumer Goods

Key Advantages:

  • Japan-based team fluent in more than 5 languages
  • Customized approaches ideally suited for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Holistic marketing solutions, encompassing everything from SEO and social media marketing to website translation

13. SGK

SGK is a model of excellence when it comes to creative packaging and brand experience amplification. Their holistic methodology has been a gold standard for brands, helping them stand out and connect deeply with diverse audiences. With a legacy of simplifying marketing through packaging, SGK is consistently setting benchmarks in delivering unmatched value to its clients.

  • Target market: B2B, B2C
  • Services offered: Packaging Solutions, Branding, Print Support
  • Target industries: Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Health

Key Advantages:

  • Established expertise, having served over 1,500 industry frontrunners worldwide
  • Multilingual prowess with fluency in English, Japanese, Chinese, German, and French
  • Thorough, transparent marketing process spanning from ideation to execution

14. Swivelt

Swivelt is a digital marketing and lead generation solution provider that helps businesses drive growth through streamlined operations. The company has +25 years of experience serving clients across 30 countries worldwide.

Centered on sales, marketing, and support, Swivelt integrates cutting-edge technologies with seasoned strategies to ensure tangible returns. Their iStrive platform further elevates their offerings, providing an array of tools encompassing performance management, CRM, HRMs, and more.

  • Target market: B2B, B2C
  • Offered services: Sales, Marketing, Lead Generation, Customer Support, Content Management
  • Target industries: Logistics, IT, Tech, Education, Internet Services 

Key Advantages:

  • Experience-based strategies combined with innovative technologies for optimal results
  • Hybrid and remote working teams, ensuring both flexibility and peak performance
  • The iStrive platform: an all-in-one business tool offering a suite of enterprise management solutions

Martal Group: A Trusted Marketing Partner for Japanese Companies

Why Japanese Businesses Choose Martal Group

At Martal Group, we envision ourselves not just as a marketing collaborator but as your strategic global ambassador. Here’s why we emerge as the preferred partner for Japanese enterprises:

  1. We’ve Been Around: We kicked off in 2008. That’s years of learning, growing, and helping businesses soar!
  1. We’re Good with Business-to-Business: Imagine a team that just “gets” business-to-business stuff. That’s us! We have the know-how to connect businesses together like puzzle pieces.
  1. We Connect You to the World: With over 200 helpers globally, think of us as your friendly neighborhood tour guides, especially if you’re eyeing North America, EU, or LATAM regions. 
  1. Tradition Meets Tech: We take a modern approach to traditional marketing by incorporating advanced technology —like AI-powered prospecting — into our clients’ marketing strategies. 
  1. Jack of All Trades: From tech to teaching and beyond, we’ve marketed to high-level decision-makers in over 50 verticals. So, whatever your business, we’re ready with the right tools, talent, and techniques.
  1. Tailored Just for You: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We craft a game plan that’s as unique as your business.
  1. Revenue Leaders Love Our Work: Our track record? A bunch of happy partners singing our praises. We aim to make you one of them.

In a nutshell, Martal Group is like that trusty Swiss army knife for Japanese businesses. Looking to make a splash in uncharted waters? Dive in with us!

FAQ: Hiring the Best Marketing Agency 

How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency in Japan

Finding the right marketing agency is a crucial decision for any business. The right partner can help you amplify your brand presence, drive further growth, and set yourself apart from the competition. 


There are a lot of agencies to choose from — each different in terms of the services they provide, their level of experience, and even the way they do business. And that makes it hard for you to make a final decision.

Here are some essential elements to consider when evaluating potential marketing agencies:

Experience: The partner’s track record and years of experience in your industry offer insights into their ability to deliver results.

Reputation: Seek client testimonials, case studies, and online reviews to assess the agency’s credibility. If their past clients are satisfied, it’s a good indication that they’re a suitable fit for you.

Communication: How has their communication been with you so far? Consistent and clear interactions are vital. Ensure the agency is approachable, responsive, and aligns with your preferred communication style.

Transparency: A reliable agency should provide clear reports and updates on the strategies they employ and the results they achieve. They should also be candid about any challenges or setbacks they encounter.

Pricing: Understanding the agency’s pricing model is crucial to ensure it fits within your budget. Strive to strike a balance between cost and the value provided from the outset.

Should I Hire a Japan-Based Marketing Agency or Consider an International Partner?

This mainly depends on your target audience and how you envision your growth. If your primary focus is the local Japanese audience, a Japan-based agency might be more adept at understanding and communicating with them, given the linguistic and cultural nuances. Japanese marketing agencies can effectively bridge the gap between your brand and native Japanese speakers. 

On the other hand:

If you are a Japanese company aiming to penetrate markets in North America, Europe, or LATAM, hiring an English-speaking marketing agency with a proven track record in these regions should be more practical. Such marketing firms are well-versed in the preferences, behaviors, and trends of these global markets. They can support your brand and help it resonate more efficiently with the customer base you’re after.

What Are the Signs of a Trustworthy and Reliable Marketing Agency?

Identifying reliable marketing agencies before hiring them is essential to ensure the success of your campaigns. Several elements can help you assess the credibility and effectiveness of a potential partner:

  • Testimonials: Positive feedback from previous clients on the agency’s website attests to its credibility.
  • Case Studies: Detailed accounts of past projects illustrate their approach and outcomes.
  • Online Reviews: Genuine, high ratings on review platforms suggest customer satisfaction and quality service.
  • Standings In Business Directories: A robust presence in reputable business directories like Clutch, G2, and Upcity indicates industry recognition.
  • Communication: Prompt and clear responses from everyone you engage with at the company demonstrate professionalism and dedication.
  • Branding and Online Presence: A well-maintained website and active social media profiles underscore genuine expertise in the marketing field.

If you can find a partner that checks all these boxes, then you’re on the right track to find a marketing agency equipped to deliver results that will boost your bottom line.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group