How To Achieve Success In Sales Through Multichannel B2B Marketing Strategies

Multichannel B2B marketing is a proven strategy for putting your own business on your customer’s radar. But that is not good enough. You see there is a difference between simple marketing and increasing sales. Marketing at its core only deals with making people aware of your company.

Sales on the other hand are concerned with making the potential customers buy your business’s products/services. So, if you want to make your sales better, your marketing approach needs to be revised. 

In this article, we will teach you how you can market your business to other businesses with the aim of making more sales.

Effective Multichannel Marketing Strategies.

Methods of Achieving Success in Sales with the Help of Marketing

Let’s begin.

  1. Have The Marketing And Sales Departments Work Together

The first thing you need to do is to make your sales team and marketing team work together. They should not be treated like separate entities; instead, they share their knowledge with each other. 

The marketing department should know which kind of sales tactics are known to work as well as what kind of customer responds well to specific approaches. Similarly, the sales team should know which kind of customer to approach and how to approach them.

This kind of collaboration arms both your sales and marketing teams with the knowledge they need to ensure that the customers listen to them. 

The most important information this collaboration brings to light is:

  • Customer buying habits
  • Tactics that work with certain high-value customers better
  • The best customer that should be approached for sales

Thus, your sales team will be able to approach your high-value potential customers and get them to buy from your business.

  1. Research Your Target Companies And Understand The B2B Buying Process

In B2B sales, it is very important to understand your customers first. You see, they are also a company. Companies act differently than individuals when it comes to buying habits. While both types of customers looking to buy something when they have a specific need, their spending habits and factors that can change their decision.

Businesses are very pragmatic with their buying. They ascertain whether availing the services of another company is feasible or not. They will also search for internal solutions before resorting to buying a solution.

Your research is supposed to find out the following things about your target business.

  • Their needs
  • Whether their company has the capability to solve their issue internally
  • Do they have the resources to avail your services
  • Do you have a viable solution that can satisfy them

You see, in a typical B2B buyer cycle, the business first identifies its problem, and then they identify possible solutions. Then the solutions are checked for feasibility, and finally, a solution provider is selected that best provides the desired solution.

If your research is thorough, you will be able to market a package to your potential customers that fulfills their business needs and yours as well. Such a package will be well received and result in actual sales.

  1. Create And Publish High Quality, Valuable Content 

If you want your marketing to bring in sales in a B2B scenario, you need to invest in content marketing. Content marketing has several benefits such as:

  • Generating trust in the audience
  • Positioning you as a subject expert in your niche
  • Providing solutions to your audience that improve their view of your company

Your audience research will come in handy here as well. If you can create and publish content that is to the liking of your customers, they will be more willing to engage with it and look at your company favorably. 

One thing that will help you immensely is concise content. Conciseness is important because decision makers are short on time. They cannot waste too much time on unimportant things. 

So, your content should be as concise as possible without removing crucial information. You can do that easily by summarizing your content. The best and fastest way of doing so is to use an AI summarizer. With the power of AI, you can create effective summaries that don’t leave out important info and are concise enough to not waste the readers’ time. 

  1. Chase Leads With Email Marketing 

Content marketing is just one channel of getting sales. To maximize your sales, you want to indulge in outbound marketing as well. 

Outbound marketing is imperative for growing startups building a go-to-market strategy but it’s also necessary for established enterprises that want to increase sales. So, writing professional cold emails and sending them to prospective clients is a must. 

Market research can help you identify different sorts of customers and arm yourself with the knowledge to approach them.

Here are some tips that can help you do email marketing more effectively.

  • Personalize the email according to the client
  • Make sure they look good on mobile devices
  • Do some A/B testing to see which kind of email works better
  • Add some noticeable CTAs
  • Don’t waste any time and get straight into your business proposition
  • Don’t forget to encourage the recipient to reach out

Doing these things will help you to generate more sales.

Multichannel B2B Marketing
  1. Put Analysts To Work

Not all your marketing and sales efforts will be successful. Some of them will work well and others won’t. You need to start analyzing the performance of all your strategies to check which ones are resulting in sales and which ones are simply draining your budget.

The most obvious benefit of doing this is that you will know where to stop investing money and where to invest more. After all, who wants to spend any money in a place where there is little return?

However, analysis of your strategies also helps you discover why they are not working. They can help you identify holes in your knowledge base. For example, if your content is not bringing in sales, then analysis may indicate the following problems.

  • It does not have a clear call to action
  • The call to action is not visible or it is placed poorly
  • The content does not provide the right information
  • The tone of the content is not to the audience’s liking
  • The marketing is too aggressive

Those are just a few issues that can be identified with the analysis of your strategies. To ensure that you are bringing in the largest number of sales, you want to plug any gaps and shortcomings in your strategy.

Using CRMs and digital marketing tools like Zoho, you can create and analize your marketing and sales strategies from a single dashboard. That is an effective approach as it saves time and effort and helps you keep track of everything conveniently.


So, in summary, you research your audience’s businesses, understand their buying process, and then do some marketing to get them to buy from you. That is the basic procedure you want to follow to achieve success in sales.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group