Martal Group Shows Steady Performance, Exceeding Lead Generation Objectives in Midst of COVID-19

The new reality of COVID-19 has left many businesses operating with limited resources and squandered opportunities. In the B2B industry, many SaaS companies are having difficulties with attracting new customers and selling their services to other businesses who may have cut their operating budgets significantly. Consequently, Martal Group has experienced a surge of clients requesting quality lead generation services. During the last few months of social distancing, Martal has continued to provide a steady flow of qualified leads and displayed strong performance in their lead generation campaigns. 

While other businesses are adapting to migrating their operations to remote work environments, one of Martal’s strengths during this pandemic is using a decentralized working environment. Our professional Sales Executives work remotely from various locations in North America, which meant that their efficiency was not hindered by the social distancing measures enacted due to COVID-19. 

Martal’s proven lead generation strategy consists of a multi-phased lead qualification process. Email campaigning is one of the cornerstones of this process, which has increased in its effectiveness over the last few months. Martal’s email marketing campaigns sent from our Sales Executives received up to 30% open rate, a 50% improvement from previous months. Furthermore, we have observed a higher lead retention rate on our Linkedin outbound messaging campaigns. Recent statistics showed that social media usage while in confinement  has increased by 66%, which renders channel lead generation from Linkedin highly effective. 

Martal has also noticed a recent increase in accounts onboarded. Due to an increased demand in lead generation services, we have onboarded 4 new accounts per month over the last few months.

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Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group