Moving from Face-to-Face Sales to Online? (Best Sales Practices for Tech Companies)

Maximizing reach, increasing sales, and building authority when you’re a tech business moving online can be tricky.

B2B and B2C tech businesses are both looking to increase customer engagement, grow their lead generation conversions, and in turn, competition is fierce.

So, to maximize your new online presence, there are a few guidelines you can follow to become an authority in your industry and make the transition to the online world easier on your business.

Provide Value

Remember the phrase, “Content is King?”

Well, it’s still true.

Unfortunately content got a bad rep when creators tried to beat the Google algorithms by keyword stuffing. So a lot of credibility for content was lost, but the good news is, Google got on top of the problem and prioritizes quality content in its rankings.

This means that if you can provide valuable, free, content in the form of blog posts, you can organically attract the exact audience you’re looking for.

Additionally, giving away content like ebooks, mini-courses, guides, and the like will also demonstrate authority online…and more importantly, trust.

And this is how you generate high-quality leads.

Collect Social Proof and Feature It

When you get rave reviews, add them to a folder for use when promoting your product. Potential customers love to see that your product changed the lives of others, just like them.

So get permission to use testimonials, maybe even photos, and sprinkle them throughout your web copy and sales pages to build trust.

Target the Right Audience

Always know who your audience is so your leads are valuable and easier to convert when you present your offer.

This can include researching your ideal audience, getting into their heads, and writing relatable copy that will make them feel like you know them on a personal level (without seeming sleazy).

Tell Your Tech Story

If you’re moving a long-term technology business online, your customers need to know your story. Especially if your business has been thriving for a long time.

All those years of trust and authority offline will transfer to your online sales model if you tell your story right.

And because there are immeasurable amounts of businesses online (and some will undoubtedly be similar to yours) it’s important that you stand out with a unique and relateable business story.

Do this with top-notch copywriting and lead nurturing.

Don’t Skimp On Service

Moving your face-to-face sales to the online space doesn’t mean your company gets to slack off when it comes to customer service. But, it does mean you’ll have more options for how you serve and communicate with your customers.

Think: Chatbots, online messaging, email, zoom video conferencing.

So instead of thinking your customer service skills will suffer, realize that they may actually become even better because you can meet your customers where they are.

In conclusion, moving your tech business online is a smart move, yes, it will take some time to adapt, but eventually, you’ll find that online sales open a whole new world of opportunity for your business.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group