9 Up and Coming Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore in 2024

No matter how up-to-date your marketing strategies are, if you are not constantly looking forward, you’re already behind. 2024 is already looking to be a defining year for both inbound and outbound marketing so we have collected insights from business professionals around different industries to provide you with the most important information you need to know to make this upcoming year a successful one. 

Voice Search Optimization (Inbound Marketing)

“As we dive into 2024, it’s clear that voice-activated gadgets and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are becoming staples in our lives. People are turning to voice commands for everything from seeking information to making online buys. This shift means businesses need to get on board by tweaking how they create content and handle SEO. That means making content that sounds more like a friendly chat than a formal piece and ensuring it addresses the kind of questions people ask when using voice search. Don’t forget the importance of showing up in featured snippets and local search results since many voice queries are related to location. By putting effort into voice search optimization, businesses can tap into a swiftly growing market and make sure they’re right there when customers are asking questions.”

-Travis Willis, Director of Customer Success at Aspire

Metaverse Marketing (Inbound and Outbound Marketing)

“In 2024, the metaverse concept envisions building a virtual world where people worldwide can connect. Here, they can engage in activities that mimic and sometimes outshine real-life experiences. Users can embark on thrilling adventures, explore uncharted territories, enjoy immersive shopping, and participate in intricate trading within this expansive digital realm. The metaverse extends the idea of owning physical property to the virtual realm, enabling users to invest in virtual real estate. This innovation fosters greater user engagement and lays the foundation for groundbreaking and limitless possibilities. As this metaverse takes shape, it offers a promising avenue for individuals to unite, explore, and interact in a digitally enriched environment, shaping the future of human interaction.”

– Joe Acosta, Digital Marketing Manager at BBQ Galore

Programmatic Advertising (Outbound Marketing)

“Programmatic advertising stands out as a crucial outbound marketing strategy for 2024. Its strength lies in its precision and efficiency, making it a game-changer for businesses. Through this approach, companies can precisely target their audience with tailored ads at just the right moment. To harness the power of this strategy, marketers should consider investing in data analysis and automation tools. These valuable resources enable the creation of personalized ad campaigns by analyzing user data. Programmatic advertising allows for real-time campaign adjustments based on performance, leading to superior outcomes. Embracing programmatic advertising streamlines marketing efforts and results in cost savings while enhancing connections with the target audience. It’s a win-win for businesses looking to thrive in 2024.”

– Hilary Kozak, VP of Marketing at LivSmooth

Influencer Partnerships (Inbound Marketing)

“…  the significance of influencer partnerships is set to soar in 2024. Collaborating with influential figures across diverse niches has become an integral tactic for businesses to embrace. It presents a valuable opportunity to tap into well-established audiences, leveraging the trust and credibility of these influencers to drive brand awareness and conversions. By forging partnerships with influencers, brands can effortlessly expand their reach and establish connections with a wide-ranging demographic. These strategic collaborations provide an avenue for the authentic promotion of products or services, fostering direct engagement with potential customers. Harnessing the power of social media, influencer marketing capitalizes on the authentic relationships influencers have cultivated with their followers. Businesses can elevate their marketing endeavors through well-executed partnerships and effectively captivate highly targeted audiences.”

-Saneem Ahearn, VP of Marketing at Colorescience

Social Media Stories (Inbound Marketing)

“That reminds me of how the time-sensitive approach is a potent motivator, compelling viewers to take immediate action. It’s not merely about sharing snippets of content; it’s about skillfully weaving a narrative that genuinely captivates the audience. From the perspective of a marketing enthusiast, storytelling emerges as an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of the modern digital landscape. …  Whether by spotlighting the dedicated individuals behind the scenes or sharing candid moments of triumphs and challenges, Stories establish a profound sense of trust. This trust often eludes traditional marketing methods. Brands equipped with this powerful tool can artfully craft narratives that tantalize with exclusive offers, limited-time promotions, or sneak peeks into upcoming products, all while recognizing the urgency of the digital landscape. As marketers, our task is to wholeheartedly embrace this dynamic medium and harness its potential to foster deeper connections, drive engagement, and, ultimately, win the loyalty of the discerning digital audience of 2024. In this era of digital storytelling, the possibilities are boundless, and those who master it will shape the future of marketing.”

– Jeffery Pitrak, Marketing and Account Manager at Transient Specialists

Live Streaming Video (Inbound Marketing)

One of the most effective ways to captivate audiences like never before is through live-streaming video or video content. It offers an immediate and authentic connection with viewers, addressing the growing demand for genuine brand interactions in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Live Streaming Video enables businesses to foster trust and credibility organically by showcasing unscripted, behind-the-scenes moments. This strategy’s real-time interactivity sets this strategy apart, turning passive viewers into active participants. Audiences can ask questions, share insights, and engage in dynamic conversations, creating a sense of community and belonging. It enriches the brand-consumer relationship and provides an invaluable avenue for instant feedback, allowing businesses to stay responsive to their audience’s needs.”

– Peter Reagan Financial Marketing Strategist at Birch Gold Group

Leveraging Chatbots (Inbound Marketing)

“In this new era of customer service, leveraging AI technology like Chatbots is essential. They deliver instant and efficient support 24/7, excelling in quick responses and promptly answering customer inquiries, enhancing engagement. Chatbots offer cost-effective solutions and scalability for businesses by effortlessly managing multiple inquiries concurrently, reducing the need for extensive customer support teams. Chatbots are poised to evolve even further with AI and machine learning advancements, promising to revolutionize various facets of business operations. These AI have become indispensable tools for businesses aiming to improve customer interactions and streamline their processes, making them a compelling subject to explore and embrace in our digital age.”

– Clayton Howard, Director of Analytics at Net Pay Advance

Personalization in Outbound Marketing

“A key outbound, and general, marketing strategy that most companies tend to forget about that can draw in a steady stream of returning and new consumers to their business is to add personalization! In today’s digital age, most consumers online and offline will tend to believe that their favorite brands, products, and services care very little about their personal needs and wants. Consumers will always be more willing to return to specific companies if they are sent some form of personalization and relevant content that is specific to their styles, past purchases,  or searches.  This can be as simple as sending a stylized email that has their name, a well-written greeting and subject line message, and products or content that will be perfect for their interests and needs. If you can successfully implement personalization into your outbound marketing campaigns, you’ll also be able to better serve leads by providing them with relevant content, discounts, and offers! Your outreach campaigns and email efforts will attract way more initial attention and will come across as less spammy.”

-Chris Hunter, Director of Customer Relations at Service Titan

Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation (Outbound Marketing)

“LinkedIn has been an invaluable tool for all businesses and people in the workforce to connect, share, and discuss great new innovations and topics regarding any type of industry. Using this website has also been a great outbound marketing strategy that all companies should utilize to attain new leads and customers! This can be especially helpful for B2B companies, but any type of company can benefit from trying to find leads via Linkedin. It’s as simple as doing a search on the website for professionals, business partners, or any person that you would want to connect with and discuss future business proposals with! While COVID restrictions have died down as of recent and more in-person networking and social gatherings are returning, most of the work done by businesses has already transformed into remote or online work at the office. Doing virtual searches for potential leads and customers on LinkedIn is faster, easier, paperless, less time-consuming, and direct. The LinkedIn Premium and Sponsored service accounts also allow you to send messages to people not connected to you, called InMail. While standard LinkedIn messages are similar to Premium InMails, Sponsored InMails tend to be more effective, and using the sponsored account allows you to include a call to action.”

-Bill Lyons, CEO of Griffin Funding

Interactive Content (Inbound and Outbound Marketing)

“In 2024, interactive content is poised to become an indispensable facet of outbound marketing. By incorporating interactive elements into your marketing endeavors, you can effectively engage your audience, creating memorable experiences. Whether it involves quizzes, polls, calculators, or interactive videos, this dynamic approach encourages active participation from your desired customer base. It departs from the traditional, mundane forms of marketing, fostering a sense of connection and customization. This allows users to interact directly with your brand, increasing their chances of remembering and sharing your message. In today’s fast-paced world with short attention spans, interactive content emerges as a potent tool for capturing and sustaining your audience’s interest, ultimately driving enhanced engagement and conversion rates.”

– Adrian Pereira, Founder and CEO of Ecopeaco.com

Hyper-Personalization (Outbound Marketing)

One outbound marketing strategy that businesses must pay attention to in 2024 is Hyper-Personalization. This approach takes personalization to a whole new level, using advanced AI and data analytics to create highly tailored marketing messages and content that feels like it was made just for you. By studying consumer behavior, demographics, and preferences, companies can craft the most relevant and specific content for each customer and share it through email, text, or even physical mail. While regular personalization strategies target specific groups of customers, this strategy focuses on creating unique content and experiences that are customized for each individual, making it a great tool in the outbound marketing world.

– Matt Gehring, Chief Marketing Officer at Dutch

Viral Content (Inbound Marketing)

“Creating content that goes viral is all about capturing your audience’s attention and leaving them eager to share it with their friends and followers. Think eye-catching videos, snappy infographics, and engaging quizzes. The goal is to strike a chord with your target audience, making them feel like they’ve stumbled upon something special. When your content resonates, it’s not just information; it’s an experience worth passing along. So, aim for that “share” button and watch your brand’s reach soar.”

– Phil Sandner, President at Easy Spa Parts

What’s Next?

With the calendar year coming to a close, these inbound and outbound marketing insights will be invaluable for any business no matter the size or industry. They have the potential to reshape the way you and your team approach your different marketing strategies and connect with your customers. The strongest marketers are lifelong learners, and with that mindset, your marketing strategies are set for success this 2024. 

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group