9 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance Customer Success and Communication

Using videos to communicate with customers has recently become an important method used by marketing teams. Images and written texts are no longer the only means by which businesses communicate. This is even more prominent on social media where users often prefer video content over any other type. In 2021, 96% of social media users increased their video consumption online

These recent trends make video content a must-have for companies that want better customer communication and are looking to boost their customer success management strategies. It’s especially important for small businesses and startups that are looking to build stronger relationships with their consumers and grow their businesses.

The importance of using videos to communicate is not just about how many people will play the video to check its content. They are also known to increase the purchase decisions of customers by as much as 97%.

Unlike written content, the use of videos with customers comes without limits. You can say more without taking up a lot of space, combine sounds and visuals, and create different forms for different purposes.

Since it is such a popular strategy among all kinds of audiences today, videos are the recipe for customer success. This article will teach you how you can use videos to communicate with your customers more effectively.

Top ways to use videos for better customer communication

Simply creating a video doesn’t make for a smart or effective communication strategy. It won’t magically enhance customer success for your business. For maximum effect, videos should be high-quality, share the right message, and have the right form and purpose.

All of the tips in this list can bring you amazing results as long as you put quality as your priority.

That being said, we’d like to present you with some smart ways to use videos to enhance customer communication and success.

1. Add a video caption to your message

One of the key parts to include in your customer success framework is to determine how and when to engage with customers. Only then can you reach your target audience and increase customer success throughout their journey. 

With that in mind, do you know that many of your customers won’t watch a video simply because they cannot access the message it conveys? Some will be in a crowded place and won’t be able to hear what the speaker says, or be in a situation where it is not convenient for them to turn up the volume. 

Let’s not forget about the ones with disabilities that cannot hear your video or people that can’t understand the accents because they haven’t mastered the language of your video. 

What’s the solution for this? If you want to boost customer communication in your videos and increase customer success for your organization, you need a smart video caption generator to create a written form to complement the message. 

This won’t just make your videos more accessible – it will also create a new form of content for you to use. You can repurpose that content and turn it into a post, share it with your collaborators in programs like Slack, etc.

Adding captions to your video should be your first priority, and thanks to a generator like HappyScribe, this can take a minimal portion of your time. You can use the generator to create the content, tweak it if you find some errors, and publish it to accompany your video. 

2. Use videos to entertain people while they wait

Sometimes customers will wait and waiting on a website is not very interesting, is it? Most people have a limited amount of time to spend, so if you don’t make your product information easily accessible to your audience, you can’t expect them to sit around and wait, can you?

This doesn’t have to be a waste of time, though. You can use videos to entertain your audience while they wait for a response from your customer support or confirmation of their purchase. 

Think of this as a secretary that does small chit-chat with the people in the waiting room, entertaining them while they wait to get in your office. Unlike stores with big queues where people have little to do, your small online business can offer different forms of entertainment to prevent people from giving up on their purchases. 

That being said, create some content to increase customer retention for the sole purpose of keeping people entertained while they wait. This can be an informative piece, but don’t make it too formal or fill it with too much information. A good idea is to make it funny, share some interesting facts about your business or the industry it works in, or show them your best products and services. Short-form videos are one of the top marketing trends of today. Consider creating short-form videos using a free video maker to showcase your products and services or share fun facts about your business, as they can be an effective way to keep customers entertained while they wait.

3. Eliminate the need to wait for an agent’s response

Customers often ask the same questions about a business. Yes, occasionally you’ll get a question that you haven’t answered before, but this is rare. That’s why businesses have a FAQ section on their website or, even better – a video that answers the most common questions

One of the biggest trends today is the live Q&A sessions where your customers can learn the answers to the most common questions in real-time. If you create such videos, you can give your customers the opportunity to get their answers fast and learn more about your business by seeing what other people ask. 

You can also create informative videos you’ll post on your website or social pages where you answer common questions and share information about your return policies, your store’s history, or descriptions of your products that people might be interested in. 

Most small businesses today don’t work around the clock. A FAQ video can serve customers that need answers outside of working hours. They won’t have to wait until morning for your agents to catch up with the queries.

This won’t just make your organization more transparent and interesting, but it will also keep your staff available for high-level needs. Imagine that — your customer success managers have fewer queries to respond to because people can simply get their answers in the Q&A or the FAQ videos. 

4. Create ‘behind the scenes’ videos

Customers love to get to know the companies they buy from. This builds trust because it tells them who creates and provides the products they purchase. One great way to build trust and communicate this message is via a ‘behind the scenes’ video. 

Show your customers what your company does on a daily basis. You can show how a product turns from concept into a ready item to sell, or how your team works together to create something new for customers. Use these videos to introduce your experts, support team, and share the mission of your organization. 

5. Post diary-style content of other customers or your employees

Put an interesting person in front of the camera and give them the opportunity to share their experience with your product. You can use experts in your company to offer tips and tricks to your customers and demonstrate their expertise to the audience.

Such content can be created for just about anything. You can make videos of your team while they are working, asking them to share some interesting things about the manufacturing process, or film your customer success managers answering common support questions. 

6. Do video interviews

Interviews are a great way to introduce a new topic to your customers. If you are looking to sell a new product, conduct some interviews and turn them into videos — this way, you can tell the customers what to expect from your organization next. 

People love watching videos, so conduct interviews with celebrities in your industry, ask influencers for some video content, and talk to other experts in the industry on a regular basis. 

7. Comment on news relevant to your organization

One of the biggest tasks you have as an organization is to keep track of what’s happening in your industry. This data is important for your marketing efforts, but did you know that you can also use it as content?

When you find something interesting in your industry, such as news or a fresh trend, create a video in the form of commentary. In it, share your expertise in the field, and also point out what your business has been doing to follow this trend. If the news is about a product you have, you can use this as an opportunity to promote it to the audience. 

8. Offer training opportunities through videos

The competition today is big, which makes it hard for small businesses to stand out in the crowd. Now is the time to establish your organization as an expert in its field. Customers will value your company more if you show them that you know what you are doing. 

To make this even more engaging and interactive, why not turn it into training and lessons?

You can create video from text, transforming your expertise into educational content that is accessible to your audience at all times. By offering distance-learning videos and recorded educational sessions, you empower your customers to learn at their own pace and master the usage of your product or services, even when they onboard new team members or require new capabilities.

This way, you won’t just show your audience that you know what you are doing, but you will also offer them the opportunity to learn. You can create distance-learning videos for your customers or record useful, live educational sessions. 

Since live training videos are available for a limited amount of time, you might want to create training sessions that are available at all times, so that your customers can do this at their own pace. 

Let’s say that you’re selling working in the B2B industry and providing software to another company. If you create training opportunities that are within the company’s reach at all times, they can master the usage of your product over time, even when they hire new people or are in need of new capabilities they haven’t used before. 

9. Make product videos to get their trust

People today expect more than promises about how great a product or service is. Knowing this, create product videos to show your audience what you’re offering to them. 

Product videos have become a very important factor in building trust with your audience. Today, 73% of customers are more likely to buy from a business that offers them a product video.

Product-demo videos are one of the best ways to boost your sales. These will show the potential customers what they get if they buy from your business. It will make you look more transparent, which can boost communication and relationships. 

For a small business, product videos are a great way to build trust and get more sales. It all starts there — by attracting more people to use your brand and offering them quality so that they share a good word about your company. 

According to Hubspot, videos are the number one tool for marketers today for promoting and selling their products. For the first time in history, another form of content surpasses blog posts. Nowadays, more than half of marketers invest in some sort of product-related video to market their brand.

Quality videos make for a great communication tool!

If you haven’t been using videos in your marketing campaign, you should start working on this as soon as possible. Videos can attract more people to your organization, impress the leads you have, and keep your customers interested. This is an excellent tool for communicating with your audience, and a highly effective method for attracting new leads to your organization. 

Still, you need to dedicate some time and effort to creating quality videos that your audience will love. Focus on quality over quantity – this is what makes videos that go viral and content that convinces interested leads to convert into returning customers. Hopefully, these examples and tips have inspired you. 

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