The Top 31 Appointment Setting Companies in 2023

The market for B2B appointment setting services is bustling with an array of companies, each offering their unique blend of skills, technology, and strategies. Some of these service providers have specific industry focuses, while others cater to a broad range of business types and sizes.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide for the top 31 appointment setting companies in 2023. These companies have consistently demonstrated proficiency in filling business calendars with quality appointments, boosting sales opportunities, and contributing to their clients’ success.

So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we unravel the top companies serving up B2B appointment setting services that can propel your business to new heights of success in 2023. 

What is a B2B appointment setting company?

B2B appointment setting companies are the professional matchmakers of the corporate world, connecting one business to another in the pursuit of mutually beneficial relationships and profitable endeavors.

Imagine, if you will, the daunting task of a business seeking to pitch its innovative product or service. They need to find the right audience, capture their attention, convince them of the value of their offering, and ultimately arrange a meeting where they can dazzle them with a well-crafted presentation. It’s quite a lot to handle, especially when the core competencies of the business might lie elsewhere.

This is where B2B appointment setting companies come in. These companies are well-versed in the art of prospecting, nurturing, and qualifying leads, ultimately turning them into promising appointments with key decision-makers in target companies.

The Top 31 Appointment Setting Companies in 2023

Now for the meat and potatoes of this guide. Without further ado, here’s your list of the top 31 appointment setting companies for your consideration in 2023.

1. Martal Group

Martal Group is an award-winning appointment setting company fueled by an international team of sales experts laser-focused on helping B2B companies scale faster. Known for its comprehensive approach and undeniable results, Martal Group strives to offer superior service in setting qualified appointments with decision-makers in targeted industries. By blending sales professionals’ expertise with cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach, Martal achieves highly effective outbound campaigns. With specialization in over 50 verticals, Martal Group connects its clients with key stakeholder through multi-channel outbound strategies proven to turn prospects into sales-ready leads. By creating tailored email, LinkedIn, and cold calling campaigns for each client based on their unique business goals and ideal customer profiles, Martal Group has demonstrated a consistent track record of helping businesses increase sales and foster growth.
Headquarters: Oakville, ON
Number of Employees: 81
Pricing: Upon request

2. Desonto

Desonto, a self-service marketplace for B2B lead generation, offers automated solutions designed to streamline and enhance B2B sales process. With over 12 years in business and more than 2 million leads generated annually, they assist companies in scaling rapidly by bypassing the prospecting process. Aside from appointment setting, this platform includes features for launching email campaigns, driving webinar registrations, and growing LinkedIn follower bases. Desonto’s innovative approach turns lead generation into a hassle-free, automated process, helping businesses grow faster.
Headquarters: Oakville, ON
Number of Employees: 81
Pricing: Starting at $300

3. CIENCE Technologies

CIENCE is a People-as-a-Service company specializing in outbound sales development, including top-of-the-funnel B2B lead generation and appointment setting. By offering a combination of managed services and software, the firm helps clients connect with the right decision-makers. 

Headquarters: Denver, CO
Number of Employees: 1,379
Pricing: Starting at $300

4. Belkins

As a B2B sales agency, Belkins offers appointment setting services aimed at providing monthly sales meetings for their clients scheduled with warmed-up, qualified leads. Employing a comprehensive process that includes preliminary analysis, personalized email outreach, and efficient appointment scheduling, Belkins aims to alleviate common challenges that often hamper pipeline growth.

Headquarters: Dover, DE
Number of Employees: 264
Pricing: Upon request

5. EBQ

EBQ is a B2B sales agency known for its expertise in appointment setting services. They offer a complete suite of services, including cold calling, lead qualification, and market research. Leveraging modern tools, they adopt a data-driven approach to improve outreach and secure more qualified meetings.

Headquarters: Austin, TX
Number of Employees: 364
Pricing: Upon request

6. SalesRoads

With over fifteen years of experience, SalesRoads offers appointment setting services for expanding businesses. The agency offers turn-key programs with experienced SDRs, sales coaches, client success managers, and a data and sales operations team, with flexible terms.

Headquarters: Boca, Raton, FL
Number of Employees: 77
Pricing: Upon request

7. Leadium

Leadium is an outbound sales agency known for crafting personalized sales strategies and expanding client sales pipelines. Their scalable services leverage a variety of technologies, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Hubspot, to create and optimize appointment setting campaigns. 

Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
Number of Employees: 98
Pricing: Upon request

8. Strategic Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Inc (SMI) is a B2B appointment setting company with over 30 years of experience in the USA. They specialize in customized sales and marketing solutions that enhance lead-generation efforts. SMI’s expert appointment setters qualify leads, highlight selling points, and provide verified opportunities for sales teams. 

Headquarters: Avon, CT
Number of Employees: 20
Pricing: Upon request

9. Callbox Inc

Callbox Inc offers lead generation and appointment setting services to help businesses capture potential customers and increase qualified sales appointments. Their approach includes personalized messaging, rich contact profiles, and company insights to target ideal buyers. They also provide touchpoints across multiple channels and offer a range of tools optimized for sales. 

Headquarters: Encino, CA
Number of Employees: 584
Pricing: Upon request

10. SalePro Leads

B2B lead generation service provider SalesPro Leads develops tailored programs to meet specific organizational requirements. Their strategies include go-to-market approaches and integrated marketing campaigns using prospecting calls, email, social media, and the internet. They provide appointment setting, sales intelligence, lead nurturing, demand generation, and various types of qualified leads. 

Headquarters: Reno, NV
Number of Employees: 26
Pricing: Upon request

11. SalesAR

SalesAR helps businesses increase their client base and boost sales through B2B lead generation services. With a focus on providing a steady inflow of leads, SalesAR aims to solidify a company’s position in the market. SalesAR adopts a professional approach, conducting meticulous lead research to facilitate productive meetings with quality prospects, leading to deals, partnerships, and collaborations. 

Headquarters: London, EN
Number of Employees: 58
Pricing: Upon request

12. Virtual Sales Limited

Virtual Sales Limited is a trusted provider of B2B appointment setting services for companies in the IT industry. They prioritize delivering sales meetings with high-quality leads and are devoted to fully transparent partnerships. Virtual Sales Limited clients receive assigned project managers and are not required to sign a long-term contract. 

Headquarters: Horsham, EN
Number of Employees: 11
Pricing: Upon request

13. Intelemark

Intelemark’s expert team creates tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing sales and marketing processes, ensuring warm leads and a smooth transition of appointments. By leveraging their team’s expertise and market knowledge, Intelemark develops strategies to enhance prospecting. Its approach includes consultation, professional calling, data research, and appointment setting. 

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
Number of Employees: 34
Pricing: Upon request

14. Curral

Curral employs an omnichannel outreach approach, utilizing multiple communication channels to engage prospective customers. With an office-based team in London, its SDRs deliver high-performance outreach. Curral emphasizes effective management and reporting through a customer portal and weekly check-in calls to ensure proactive analysis of performance.

Headquarters: London, EN
Number of Employees: 32
Pricing: Upon request

15. OutboundView

Exclusively focused on HR-related solutions, OutboundView builds top-of-funnel sales pipelines through its specialized expertise. OutboundView’s services assist clients in finding their next customers within the HR industry. With its team of inside sales professionals, OutboundView targets, engages, and schedules meetings with HR leaders. 

Headquarters: Franklin, TN
Number of Employees: 29
Pricing: Upon request

16. ProphetLogic

Similar to Virtual Sales Limited, ProphetLogic specializes in assisting IT and software companies in scheduling qualified sales appointments with their ideal prospects. By providing SDRs that utilize data to target the right B2B decision-makers, ProphetLogic employs a volume-based approached enhanced with automation to collecting and converting targeted leads.

Headquarters: Allentown, PA
Number of Employees: 32
Pricing: Upon request

17. By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only (BAO) operates as a de facto partner for B2B companies in the tech industry, creating go-to-market strategies that generate sales-qualified meetings. As an alternative payment plan, BAO offers a performance-based appointment setting service.

18. APEX Call Centers

As a diverse BPO provider, APEX offers customized solutions to various businesses to enhance lead volume and quality. Its comprehensive process encompasses target audience identification, marketing material distribution, lead qualification, and deal closure. APEX Call Center has a variety of other services, including back-office, live chat customer service, and overflow support. 

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Number of Employees: 79
Pricing: Upon request

19. Valve+Meter

Valve+Meter provides a broad range of outbound lead generation services, including B2B appointment setting, cold calling, and lead qualifying, to aid business growth and populate sales funnels with high-quality customers. Its team employs a performance marketing approach, prioritizing research, planning, and execution to attract suitable leads and engage prospects at every sales funnel stage. 

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Number of Employees: 53
Pricing: Upon request

20. DemandZEN

Based in North Caroline, DemandZEN is a B2B appointment setting company with a pay-for-performance model. DemandZEN conducts multi-channel outbound outreach, including cold calling, cold emailing, and social media prospecting, to facilitate lead generation for their clients. 

Headquarters: Chapel Hill, NC
Number of Employees: 142
Pricing: Upon request

21. UnboundB2B

UnboundB2B employs a data-driven approach to generate quality leads and arrange meetings for sales teams. Its programs utilize various techniques and tools, such as role-based appointments and targeted lead generation.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Number of Employees: 275
Pricing: Upon request

22. JumpCrew

Located in Nashville, TN, JumpCrew emphasizes the use of behavioral data, refined processes, and personalized outreach in its outsourced sales services. Through an experienced team of SDRs, JumpCrew expertly qualifies leads, fostering them through consistent communication to successfully set sales appointments for its clients.

Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Number of Employees: 275
Pricing: Upon request

23. SaaSBoost.io

As the name implies, SaaSBoost.io specializes in B2B outsourced SaaS sales and marketing services, aiming to construct a scalable sales pipeline for businesses. They assimilate into clients’ teams through strategic partnerships, enabling them to comprehend their businesses deeply. Utilizing methods such as prospect list building, cold email outreach, pipeline management, and customer development, SaaSBoost.io also contributes to shaping product roadmaps.

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
Number of Employees: 4
Pricing: Upon request

24. Abstrakt Marketing Group

Through a strategic process and established sales techniques, Abstrakt Marketing Group facilitates business growth through its appointment setting services. Abstrakt Marketing Group’s outbound SDR teams concentrate on creating reliable sales pipelines, cultivating relationships with qualified prospects, and securing optimal leads through cold calling and emailing. 

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
Number of Employees: 711
Pricing: Upon request

25. Smith.ai

Smith.ai provides outreach services managed by professional, North America-based virtual agents who follow AI-driven workflows. Businesses can delegate cold call outreach tasks to Smith.ai by providing their own lead list. Smith.ai services also include email and text follow-ups for additional ways to enhance engagement and conversions.

Headquarters: Los Altos, CA
Number of Employees: 237
Pricing: Upon request

26. Operatix

Operatix assists B2B tech companies in bolstering their sales pipeline and achieving sales goals through outbound sales development, account-based selling, and lead qualification. By employing tailored strategies to connect with key decision-makers in strategic accounts, Operatix strives to generate high-quality leads that book productive discovery calls. 

Headquarters: Fleet, EN
Number of Employees: 425
Pricing: Upon request

27. Superhuman Prospecting

Superhuman Prospecting works side-by-side with B2B sales teams to fill their pipelines with qualified opportunities. By leveraging updated techniques and employing experienced B2B appointment setters, Superhuman Prospecting aims to provide a seamless representation of your company during outbound prospecting. 

Headquarters: Norristown, PA
Number of Employees: 35
Pricing: Upon request

28. Launch Leads

Specializing in appointment setting services, Launch Leads is a B2B lead generation company that uses multi-channel outreach to generate qualified sales opportunities. Launch Leads follows a comprehensive, full-funnel approach to lead qualification, ensuring that every lead is pursued until a confirmed appointment with a key decision-maker is secured. 

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT
Number of Employees: 120
Pricing: Upon request

29. ProspectHunter

Through its B2B lead generation expertise, ProspectHunter sets qualified sales appointments with decision-makers. Their services involve handling initial outreach and scheduling processes through strategic prospecting techniques and tailored approaches. By utilizing their in-depth market knowledge and advanced tools, ProspectHunter helps businesses widen their client base.

Headquarters: Richardson, TX
Number of Employees: 120
Pricing: Upon request

30. OnBrand24

With their highly trained outbound brand specialists, OnBrand24 offers comprehensive appointment setting campaigns and management services to generate leads. By leveraging its optimized call center methodology and detailed reports, OnBrand24 provides valuable insights into the result of every call.

Headquarters: Beverly, MA
Number of Employees: 369
Pricing: Upon request

31. Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions, a prominent provider of appointment setting services. Through strategies like background verification and cold calling, Magellan Solutions engages with B2B prospects to boost sales and facilitate business deals. Its team of skilled appointment setters focuses on building rapport, generating qualified leads, and reaching decision-makers across various industries. 

Headquarters: Mandaluyong, PH
Number of Employees: 376
Pricing: Upon request

What’s Next?

We hope this guide to the top 31 appointment setting company in 2023 has been helpful in your search for the best lead generation partner. For most businesses, landing sales meetings is the hardest part of the lead generation process. Appointment setting companies can greatly reduce the struggles and stress associated with these tasks. 
If you would like to learn more about how an appointment setting company, like Martal Group, can work side-by-side with your sales team to scale your revenue growth, don’t hesitate to schedule a quick chat with us today.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group