How to Use ChatGPT in B2B Business to Improve Your Sales

The appearance of ChatGPT radically changed the world of technology. The up-and-coming generative tools provide an opportunity for each user to evaluate the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and it is really impressive! The smart platform can compose songs, give advice (at your own risk), answer questions, and even generate code. With each new version, all these functions are significantly improved and provide a new high-quality level of utility.

For example, according to Wired, about 100 trillion algorithms will be used to train the ChatGPT-4 update. Scientists indicate that this will make it even closer to the human brain. Hundreds of people, including experts in various fields, have already understood how to use the capabilities of previous versions. In particular, businessmen and B2B sales specialists. In this article, you can find out how sales professionals have used AI in the development of their sector and which methods are the most effective.

chatgpt for b2b sales

Why Is ChatGPT an Effective Tool for B2B Business?

Before proceeding to the main part, it is worth understanding the features of this high-tech program. The action algorithm is very simple. First, you need to open the platform website and quickly register. After creating an account, the user gets access to nearly all functions of the program. In particular, anyone can enter certain commands as input using the text format panel or write in the corresponding question field. For example, you could ask ChatGPT to write a content brief, a social media post, or provide you with a list of ideas for an upcoming Halloween party.

The principle of operation of AI is based on dividing input information into smaller parts and performing their analysis. This process is performed based on data already embedded in the ChatGPT model. It is about millions of algorithms and huge databases. All this is the basis for the technology to be able to determine the most accurate answer in a way that simulates human responses.

That is why the program is defined as a highly advanced large-language model that can be used to solve a myriad of tasks in nearly any area of life — B2B business is no exception. ChatGPT is already actively used by business professionals, marketing experts, sales representatives, and specialists in setting up advertising and lead generation campaigns for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. 

Each of these professionals benefits from the program in different ways. However, they all help to achieve the general goals that businesses set in B2B. These include increasing sales, optimizing business processes, accelerating the transition to new management models, introducing new technologies, and stimulating development.

In some cases, ChatGPT has the ability to automate certain actions. In addition, the program also provides detailed answers to questions about certain aspects of the activity, as well as helps to find the necessary information. And this is far from the entire list of possibilities of the high-tech program.  If you want to learn how to use Chat GPT more efficiently, you may consider enrolling in a digital marketing course on e-learning platforms like Digital Vidya

But first, you need to consider the main ways in which artificial intelligence is used by getting to know each use case in the sales sector in more detail and understanding how they can benefit your business. 

chatgpt for b2b sales

How Can ChatGPT Be Incorporated Into a B2B Business Development Strategy?

Since its appearance, the program has quickly become popular in many countries. However, according to a study presented on SimilarWeb, Americans became the most active users. It is from the USA that the largest amount of traffic goes to the program’s website. In the summer of 2023, this indicator increased to the level of 13.05%. The purposes of using ChatGPT are different. Some want to see how AI works, while others use it to make work tasks easier.

The program is also used by specialists in the field of B2B sales. Moreover, the interest of such specialists in the tool is constantly growing. This is due to the high level of efficiency of ChatGPT in the process of performing certain tasks. Here are some of the most common ways artificial intelligence can be used to help increase sales in B2B businesses and help companies grow.

Determining the Suitability of Potential Customers

Advertising campaigns launched by marketers provide a certain flow of visitors to the business. Among them may be users who are ready to make a purchase, as well as people who may not have the intention to perform the targeted action. Every business owner wants to attract more visitors who are ready to buy. After all, an increase in intent means an increase in conversion rates and direct sales.

However, specialists do not always manage to attract the right audience. In this case, you can use ChatGPT. artificial intelligence can create certain qualifying questions that help assess the suitability of potential customers for the offered product/service. To use this feature, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Defining the main criteria: First, you need to identify those aspects that are guidelines for compliance. These can be problems or requests for the solution of which the product is used, financial opportunities, industry, etc.
  • Setting target hints: To get more accurate results, you need to specify certain guidelines or hints in the appropriate field in the program.
  • Generating questions: After entering the necessary information, you need to run the ChatGPT algorithm. In a few seconds, the system will offer possible question options.

Applying these questions in the process of qualifying potential customers, you can learn all the necessary information about your prospects. In addition, it is possible to determine the ratio of different groups of visitors entering your funnel.

Improving the Qualifications of Employees of Sales Departments

Another interesting advantage of ChatGPT is the possibility of conducting training for sales representatives. This is possible because the program can implement role exercises and simulate various scenarios of interaction with potential customers. This provides several advantages at once:

  • Optimization of the training process: The program works around the clock, which allows employees to train and improve their skills at any time.
  • Financial savings: Access to ChatGPT is free, avoiding additional training costs.
  • The possibility of training specialists in several areas at once: the program is suitable for training sales representatives in different areas and with different experience.

The process of using the program is not complicated. You just need to define the goals, specify the prompts, and start the exercises.

Creation of Content for Advertising Campaigns

ChatGPT is also actively used by marketers who organize advertising companies for B2B businesses. A huge database and millions of algorithms installed in the program provide the basis for generating advertising copy, content plans, presentations,  promotional offers, and even online courses. However, this is not an exhaustive list. The platform can be used to generate other types of content.

It is not difficult to obtain a basis for individual components of an advertising campaign with the help of AI. To do this, it is necessary to first identify the key factors and characteristics that serve as guidelines for the program. It can be not only keywords but also certain statistical data. Artificial intelligence algorithms process the provided information and create text content based on built-in algorithms.

This method is especially relevant for creating advertising presentations, scripts for video appeals or speeches, as well as for writing messages for cold communication. Using the capabilities of ChatGPT for this, you can save time and get a quality foundation.


ChatGPT is an advanced technology that can be useful in many areas of life. In particular, in B2B business. It can be used by business owners, marketers, sales leaders, and sales representatives. Each of them can solve various everyday tasks and optimize work with the help of artificial intelligence. An additional advantage is the opportunity to train the company’s employees. The program can offer various role exercises and interaction scenarios.

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group