• B2B Lead Gen for SaaS Companies in the Age of COVID-19

    Lead generation for any startup can be tricky, nobody knows that better than companies like ours. The recent series of events transpiring around the globe due to COVID-19 have caused a wave of uncertainty for many businesses. Whether you are a small restaurant or a large multinational, the effects of the global pandemic have been […]

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  • Martal Group Named Top Sales Partner

    Martal Group is excited to announce our recent  industry award  from Clutch as a top sales partner. We serve tech companies in the US and Canada by providing  voice services, email marketing, and content marketing. Working exclusively with small and medium businesses gives us the opportunity to understand each company’s unique perspective and specific challenges.  Clutch is […]

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  • Intent Data: Why We Use It and Why You Should Too

    There has been a recent development in the B2B Sales world that has redefined the way in which sales departments target their prospects. Buyers Intent data has only recently emerged, but in the short time that it’s been in use it has shifted the paradigm of the sales pipeline. Using this data, companies have been […]

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  • How AI Is Revolutionizing The Sales Process

    Artificial intelligence has significant utility as a service, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business functions such as marketing and advertising. Many tech-savvy employees and business owners are already aware of the benefits that AI has for lead conversion, but recent innovations have brought AI into more steps of the sales process. This is especially apparent […]

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  • Twelve great SEO plugins for your WordPress

    WordPress is no longer a pure CMS blog. With the Content Management System news pages, shops, landing pages and much, much more can be generated. It is easy to use, very flexible and with very little training time even beginners can create their own web pages. In order to expand the functionality of the CMS, […]

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  • New RailTrack Module from Kipod

      Kipod is happy to present its new RailTrack module. Its strongest advantage is the fact that the detector does not consider people boarding and deboarding the train as an alarm event due to the train rule region. So if the train gets in the camera view, the person detection is automatically turned off, unless the train starts moving and […]

  • Kipod Mobile App Offers Video Content Search From Mobile Device

      Kipod mobile app is the only video surveillance app in the market that enables video content search. This application is a perfect solution for the users, who need to access the video cameras and database from their mobile device. The main feature offered by Kipod mobile app is the user’s ability to search the video archive […]

  • Artificial Intelligence – Algorithms on the Rise

    Well-known innovations concerning computers and the internet have captured the market, define everyday life and delight users. With artificial intelligence ambitious researchers want to add a new dimension to technical development. Crowdsourcing helps computer systems with self-regulated machine learning. Watson is an intelligent, semantic computer program, which as a complicated question answering system, can process […]

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  • White Walkers Restricted: Kipod is used for Game of Thrones Film Set Security

      Our client Kipod enables security video monitoring at Game of Thrones film set. Game of Thrones show is full of dangerous creatures: dragons, wights, White Walkers and, after all, Queen Cersei Lannister herself. However, what is going on behind the scenes usually remains completely private and thus has to be properly secured. And in […]

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