Without a strong sales team supporting your growth, your performance metrics will always struggle — even if you have the best SaaS product in the market. 

But at the same time…

Hiring and training in-house SDRs could cost your company a fortune while narrowing your talent pool. 

The answer?

SaaS product sales outsourcing continues to be the top solution for many companies, especially those struggling with expanding into new regions or adapting to everchanging market conditions. 

And it might be the best solution for your brand too!

In this guide:

You’ll learn everything you need to know about b2b saas sales outsourcing and why it’s an excellent option for you. We’ll also share with you some expert tips on hiring an ideal sales outsourcing partner and how to work with them.

What Is B2B SaaS Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing for B2B SaaS companies is the process of delegating sales tasks to a third party. It’s a contract between a SaaS company and an external agency to handle the sales process with all its activities. That includes lead generation and nurturing, customer onboarding, account management, and more.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales for Your SaaS Product

Outsourced sales for SaaS products is a super-efficient approach to growing your business. It frees up valuable time for you to focus on high-priority duties such as product development, branding, customer service, etc. 

Sales outsourcing will also offer you many financial advantages and quick solutions to scale your company with ease. You’ll guarantee an exceptional sales performance with a significant increase in your revenue with no additional effort on your part.

To top it off, here’s how a third party sales agency can help your business succeed: 

Increase Your Company Profits

The end goal for your SaaS company is to increase profits so you can further develop your products and expand in the market. But the only way you can do that is by attracting more leads to enhance your sales cycle and close more deals.

Outsourcing SaaS company sales allows you to focus on building your vision and finding the right talent to implement it. You’ll leave the sales to the pros while you hone in on what you do best within the company.

Another way b2b saas sales outsourcing can help you improve your profit margin is by cutting your recruitment and onboarding costs. There’s no need to go through the trouble of hiring and training in-house salespeople while you have the opportunity to outsource everything to an experienced team.

In addition to outsourcing sales, streamlining your financial management is another great way to support your growth objectives. If you’re in the midst of ramping up your profits, you might want to learn more about implementing financial planning software. Utilizing such tools can greatly assist in managing your revenue and expenses effectively, allowing you to allocate resources where they’re needed most.

Get Instant Access to a Skilled Sales Team

Before sales outsourcing was an option available for everyone, organizations had to try a lot of salespeople to reach their objectives. It took some companies years to develop a strong team that hits sales goals consistently. But even with that, employee retention and contract renegotiations were still big problems standing in the way of growth.

The alternative?

With b2b saas sales outsourcing, you’ll get instant access to a team of sales experts with guaranteed performance. These professionals will bring along industry expertise, tech-savvy skills, and knowledge of the latest trends to help you gain an edge over the competition.

Enhance Your Marketing Experience

No matter how knowledgeable you are of your own product, a team of qualified SDRs can always enhance your sales cycle. It’s one thing to know your product features and benefits, but it’s another to be able to grab the prospect’s attention and get them interested in what you’re offering.

Due to their extensive experience working with SaaS companies in the past, outsourced SDRs will bring a lot of new insight and value to your brand. After all, they understand everything about your target prospects, their needs, and their expectations. 


An external sales team will help you construct a strong brand message and deliver it using the right channels and tools to take your sales numbers to the next level.

b2b saas sales outsourcing

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Sales Development?

Here’s the first question that might come to mind after learning about outsourced sales:

Is sales outsourcing right for my SaaS company? 

That’s a reasonable question to ask yourself, especially considering that your sales process will make or break the whole project. So you can’t just try different things out and cross your fingers that they’ll work. 

Therefore, before you even think about finding an external sales partner, let’s first make sure that your company actually needs one.


When does it make sense for a SaaS company to outsource sales?

Outsource Sales if Your Internal Team Is Struggling

Your internal sales team isn’t helping you meet your company’s financial goals?

Then you shouldn’t think twice about outsourcing your sales process.


There’s a big difference between hiring a third party to improve your already good numbers and outsourcing sales to save your SaaS company. The latter is the biggest reason to outsource sales for a lot of businesses. 

While your in-house team is struggling to make ends meet, your competitors are expanding into the market. And since recruiting new sales development representatives takes a lot of time, outsourcing sales becomes your only way out. 

Outsource Sales When You Need To Grow Your Revenue Faster

Your SDRs may be well-qualified to attract new leads and convert them into loyal customers. But if you think about it, a good sales team will help you reach your goals faster, in which case you’ll have to scale your business to new heights.

The thing is:

Reaching those new objectives requires more salespeople with experience in your industry. On top of that, it takes deep knowledge of how to sell SaaS products similar to yours. As you can guess, you’re not going to find such outstanding sales experts available in the job market.

The solution?

Hire an outsourced sales provider.  

You’ve already figured out a successful system to sell your product. So all you need to do is double down on your progress by hiring an external sales team to support your company’s efforts.

Outsource Sales If Your Competition is Winning

Keeping up with your competition takes creativity, effort, and a lot of balance in how you run your business. You can easily get overwhelmed by the heavy workload and find yourself focusing on unimportant tasks. That’s why sales outsourcing is the way to go if you want to keep up with your competitors’ growth.

Outsourced sales providers exist to take the heavy load off your shoulders. They’ll handle every single step in the process to help you focus on what really matters. That makes them an excellent solution for expanding into new markets without having to worry about expertise or increasing your workforce. 

All in all:

The best way to deal with industry competition is to reinforce your sales department with an experienced team of outsourced SDRs.

How To Find the Right Sales Outsourcing Partners

After deciding that outsourcing your sales process is the right thing for your company, it’s crucial to understand how to find a good SaaS sales outsourcing partner.

Finding an agency that fits your needs and objectives is the most important thing in this whole process. And there are a lot of factors to consider before making your final hiring decision. That includes expertise and industry knowledge, culture fit, team size, budget, ease of communication, etc.

The truth is: 

It’s impossible to find an outsourcing provider that magically checks all the boxes. So you’ll have to decide on what’s most important for your business and hire the agency offering you the most benefits.

Here’s how to choose a sales outsourcing partner for your SaaS product:

Experience Selling SaaS Products

Experience should always come at the top because it reflects the quality of the results you can expect to get. By hiring a knowledgeable team to handle your sales duties, you’ll rest assured that your product will sell more and dominate the market. 

But what exactly does “experience” mean when outsourcing sales?

Industry knowledge is critical as it gives sales reps the specialized skills required for selling to your target audience. Prioritize hiring SDRs who have worked and succeeded in your market to improve your chances of succeeding.

Most importantly:

Product knowledge will save you a lot of misunderstanding and countless hours of time wasted on irrelevant leads. An outsourced team that understands your products and your target audience will help you boost sales and drive quick growth to your SaaS brand.

General Sales and Marketing Experience

A winning outsourced sales team does what it’s supposed to do — which is sell products to targeted customers.


As surprising as it may seem, there are many pretenders out there who will promise you outstanding results yet fail to deliver on them in the end. And the biggest reason for that is usually lack of sales skills and expertise.

Before choosing a sales outsourcing provider, you should inquire about their level of experience and the clients they’ve worked with in the past. Even if they don’t have many case studies in your industry, succeeding in similar markets should be a positive sign that they’re a good fit.

As a good rule of thumb: 

You should only hire agencies with a proven track record of sales and a solid revenue-generating history.

Check out any past work you can find on their website and other business directories to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable sales partner. You can also look for online reviews and testimonials on third-party sites to see what their past clients think of the service.   

Company Culture and Values

Although this may seem trivial, culture fit should always be a determining factor when it comes to outsourced sales. It’s essential to go with a sales outsourcing provider who shares your culture and values.


Because you’re going to spend a lot of time communicating and working with these outsourced SDRs. On top of that, this team will represent your company in front of your prospective clients.


The company you work with should especially be trustworthy and transparent. You need to make sure that your brand is in good hands and that you’re comfortable with who you’re working with.

How to Measure the Success of Your Outsourced Sales Efforts

The only way to improve your current results is by measuring key sales metrics. Knowing where you are and what you wish to achieve enables you to double down on effective practices and make quick adjustments to what isn’t working.


Tracking your sales efforts is crucial for assessing your outsourced SDRs’ performance and making sure that you’re working with the right partner.

Building an efficient performance tracking system starts with setting objectives from the start. Most SaaS companies identify their sales goals and expected results way before deciding on which outsourced sales agency they should hire.

Here are some of the most important metrics you can track to assess sales performance:

  • Length of the sales cycle
  • Number of leads generated
  • Total number of closed deals
  • Cost per sale

Tips for Working With a Sales Outsourcing Partner

If you’ve never tried sales outsourcing in the past, you might think of it as a big challenge with a lot of uncertainty. But the truth is, you’ve learned most of the things you need to know to find a good sales partner and work with them on growing your business.

So, congratulations! 

You’re now ready to cooperate with any external sales team and take your SaaS company to the next level. 

In this part, we’ll share with you a few additional tips to help you guarantee a successful partnership with any outsourced sales agency.

b2b saas sales outsourcing

When asked about the biggest mistakes businesses should avoid when outsourcing to a sales partner — Diana Stepanova, Operations Director at Monitask — commented:

“Some common mistakes that companies make when working with a sales outsourcing partner include insufficient communication and collaboration, unrealistic expectations, and lack of well-defined goals and KPIs. To avoid these pitfalls, it’s vital to establish clear goals and expectations from the outset, maintain open channels of communication, and regularly review the partnership’s progress in relation to the set objectives.”

To provide you with the best practices for hiring an outsourced sales partner, we also collaborated with various sales leaders and marketing experts. Here’s our top advice:

Evaluate Your Needs From the Start

On top of identifying key metrics to track sales performance, you need to know which skills are lacking in your talent pool. If you can explain your challenges clearly, the sales outsourcing agency will know exactly what to offer you.

Outsourced sales agencies employ SDRs with a wide set of talents to choose from. So depending on your sales needs, you can include specific services in your contract to fill the skills gap your company is suffering from.  

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What are my sales objectives? And what’s my strategy for achieving them?
  • Which sales duties is my business struggling with?
  • How will the outsourced team enhance my sales process?
  • What sales tools and techniques do I need help with? 

Focus on Training, Performance Indicators, and Budget

“Before hiring a sales outsourcing firm, ensure you have sales enablement messaging for training, clear key performance indicators to measure success, and a sufficient budget for at least two sales representatives. These elements are crucial for effective sales outsourcing.”

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

Evaluate Track Record, Methodology, and Training

“First and foremost, evaluating the outsourcing firm’s track record and industry expertise is vital. Look for a partner with a proven record of success in the SaaS domain, as this ensures they possess the necessary knowledge and understanding of your unique challenges. 

Secondly, consider their sales methodology and processes. A firm that aligns with your company’s values and sales strategies will be better equipped to represent your brand effectively. Additionally, scrutinize their approach to training and talent acquisition, as it directly impacts the caliber of sales representatives they will provide.”

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

This is one of the biggest mistakes SaaS companies make when outsourcing SDRs. Because expecting overnight success only puts unnecessary pressure on the external team even when they’re on the right path.

The thing is…

The first phase is always experimental as your outsourced sales team has to try different techniques to see what works best. They need time to understand your product and all its features before they can talk about it with confidence. Therefore, it’s natural for them to go through a learning curve and not start delivering great results immediately. 

Because of that:

You need to set realistic expectations and aim for sales goals within your reach. Give your sales provider enough time to learn about your product and gain experience in dealing with your target clients. Once the ball gets rolling, your growth will become exponential.

Ensure Cultural Alignment and Clear Communication

“First, you want to make sure that the outsourcing firm’s culture aligns with your own company culture. This will ensure that they not only understand your business objectives but also represent your brand in a way that resonates with your customers. 

Secondly, communication is key! You need to be able to communicate effectively with the outsourcing team and vice versa. Without clear lines of communication, miscommunications can occur which can lead to a breakdown in the relationship and ultimately lost sales opportunities.”

Johannes Larsson, Founder and CEO, JohannesLarsson.com

Play An Active Role In The Partnership

While it’s important to give the agency some freedom in the sales process, making sure that you’re both on the same page is essential for establishing a successful partnership.

During the onboarding phase, try to offer your full support to the new SDRs to help them get accustomed to your workflow. Also, do your best to understand your partner’s selling process and how they intend to do things with you.

Aside from that:

Ease of communication is a must as it allows you to provide constant feedback and receive progress reports when needed. So make sure to cover with the outsourcing agency as early as possible.

Arranging regular meetings is also vital for guaranteeing that your goals are being tracked and met within deadlines. It helps you keep the outsourced SDRs accountable and enables you to receive continuous updates.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing sales is a viable option for any SaaS company that’s looking to improve its metrics and sell more products. It has become an increasingly popular solution for cutting labor costs and gaining quick access to skilled sales professionals. 

Before you think about hiring an outsourced sales partner, you must first identify your biggest challenges. That’s because outsourcing agencies can offer you a wide variety of services depending on your specific needs and desired results. 

After that, it’s crucial to choose a partner that’s best qualified to represent your brand and interact with your potential leads. You should also consider pricing, flexibility, and culture fit while prioritizing service quality and results.

FAQs About SaaS Sales Outsourcing

How much do SaaS sales reps make?

The base salary of a SaaS sales representative can vary widely depending on the company’s size, the product’s complexity, the target market, the representative’s experience and skill, and the geographic location of the job.

At the entry-level, SaaS sales reps could earn a base salary ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 per year, with an additional on-target earnings (OTE) potential, meaning the combination of base salary and commission, from $70,000 to $100,000.

More experienced SaaS sales representatives, particularly those working on enterprise sales (big deals with large companies), could earn a base salary from $60,000 to over $100,000, with OTE in the range of $120,000 to $200,000 or more.

For high-level positions, such as a Sales Director or VP of Sales in a SaaS company, base salaries could be well over $100,000, with OTE ranging up to several hundred thousand dollars per year, potentially even over a million dollars at particularly large and successful companies.

SaaS companies often outsource early-stage sales processes—such as prospecting, outreach, and qualifying—to keep labor costs in check.

How much does an outsourced SDR cost?

SaaS companies that hire an outsourced sales agency can save up to 65% when you factor in all expenses. The cost typically includes a team of SDRs, the use of sales software and tools, management, and ongoing training. This can be a significant cost savings compared to a full in-house team, particularly considering the time and effort saved on recruiting, training, and managing staff.

Why is SaaS sales hard?

Selling SaaS products presents unique challenges rooted in both the nature of the product and market dynamics. First, SaaS offerings often come with a level of complexity that necessitates a deep understanding of both the technical aspects and potential applications of the product. In an environment where customers may need a higher level of technical proficiency, effectively communicating the value of complex SaaS products is a major task. Secondly, the SaaS landscape is highly competitive, with numerous similar products vying for market share. Standing out in this crowded field, especially when trying to convey the unique aspects and benefits of your product, can be extremely challenging.

Opting for an outsourced sales team could alleviate these challenges. Specialized outsourced sales teams typically come with expertise in selling SaaS products and a well-established sales process, eliminating the need for companies to invest heavily in sales training and process development. These professionals are often experienced in handling the intricacies of SaaS sales, including the complex sale cycles and change management requirements. Furthermore, an outsourced sales team can more efficiently scale up or down in response to business needs, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for startups and growing businesses. With their proficiency in handling sales objections, demonstrating product value, and nurturing long-term customer relationships, they can help SaaS businesses navigate the competitive landscape and accelerate their growth trajectory.

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