Why Choose Martal Group?

If you’re ready to grow your business through customer acquisition, Martal Group could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Martal Group helps your company identify ideal client profiles and pinpoint decision-makers within your targeted verticals and accounts. After that, your assigned Martal Group sales team will create personalized outbound campaigns complete with an omnichannel approach including email marketing, LinkedIn messaging, and follow-up calls that result in vetted and nurtured qualified leads with scheduled appointments delivered to your calendar.

By choosing Martal Group for your outbound B2B lead generation strategy, your company could have a shorter sales cycle and better ROI. With Martal Group’s sales executives focused on the labor intensive process of prospecting, your sales team will have more time to focus on closing more deals. And if you need more closers, Martal Group has experts ready to help you with that too.

MARTAL GROUP has recently had the privilege of being featured among North America’s prominent B2B Lead Generation companies. Martal’s sales partnership and lead generation solutions have helped our clients reach untapped markets and attract new customers. Martal specializes in tech company representation and outbound campaigning, making sure your technology is properly introduced to potential prospects.

G2 Crowd is a notorious business-oriented publication, providing data-proven rankings of B2B businesses based on real customer reviews. Martal ranks among the top 5 Lead Generation service providers on G2 Crowd’s top North American companies list.

Clutch is another international forum and ranking website that showcases the top B2B Lead Generation companies in North America. We are happy to say that Martal Group earned 2nd place in the Clutch Leaders Matrix for Canadian companies.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies is a directory of carefully screened and ranked companies providing digital marketing services in the US and abroad. Martal Group is proud to have recently been featured in their Top Digital Agencies list.

Our proven business model of expertly representing tech companies and getting their feet on the ground in the North American market has shown to be an essential service in today’s competitive landscape. Achieving these milestones has made us thankful to our clients for continuously trusting our abilities and allowing us to be a part of their growth. Take a look at some of our satisfied client’s reviews on the platforms we mentioned above, and see the reasons why many are choosing us for their lead generation needs.  

“Martal Lead Generation & account management service”

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

Weezmo employed Martal for their business development solutions suite. Martal essentially acted as our ambassador to companies in North America, sourcing quality leads and funneling prospects into the sales pipeline.

What do you like best?

Martal has shown exceptional aptitude through their work, Vito and his team showed knowledge of the digital marketing industry and the tech concepts behind our services. Martal was ready to begin the sales cycle within a week of onboarding, managing marketing to over 100 accounts.

What do you dislike?

A bit of a latency with the lead generation at first, but this was expected and not directly attributed to Martal’s efforts.

What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?

Our team has had NA on our sights for a long time, we were looking for a B2B sales partner that would assist us in creating solid sales presence for our business.  

“Martal Group Performance to Favendo. High level of sales skills and experience.”

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

Generation of C-level leads for a specific business application. Martal Group’s responsibilities for Favendo included sourcing new contacts for our location based service and indoor navigation solutions in USA.

What do you like best?

Fully target-orientated. Quick results in short term. Excellent communication skills with targeted customer and client. Good performance within two weeks of signing our contract with Martal; the sales pipeline consisted of engaging 15 corporate clients, qualifying 10 leads, and booking 3 discovery meetings professionally handled by Martal sales rep. Their team is very dedicated and knowledgeable regarding our product, and was able to speak in industry-specific terms while also simplifying concepts for meetings with leads.

What do you dislike?

Not applicable so far. Overall, we have no negative feedback for Martal. We are highly satisfied with their performance and recommend their services.  

“Sales and Marketing Power”

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

Secufy hired Martal for their lead generation services in USA. Secufy is targeting hospitality and ride haling markets and hired Martal’s fractional sales team to create initial prospects pipeline. Within the first month Martal team created a new set of marketing materials, sent over 2500 emails and sourced 6 potential clients who are interested to try our product. So overall Sales and Marketing power.

What do you like best?

Professional and friendly working experience, transparent and excellent communication.

What do you dislike?

No downsides so far, we did not find anything to dislike.

What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?

Generating leads in US, signing pilot deals with companies in North America across a variety of verticals.  

“Martal Group, Professional and Well-Versed in Industry”

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

We hired Martal for their sales partnership and lead generation solutions. Martal’s team acted as the primary driver of our outbound lead generation, and was responsible for creating marketing campaigns, leading calls, and facilitating lead qualification.

What do you like best?

I liked that they were extremely professional throughout difficulties and interruptions in the program. Sometimes things did not work out as they should have and Martal was fine throughout the whole thing. They have a tight, focused approach to our lead generation issues and I appreciated that.

What do you dislike?

I have no real dislikes with the team. We did have to replace one of the team members within the first two months – I appreciated they did this even though they did not have to.

What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?

We wanted more leads in a field that we are familiar with but having issues scaling up the internal team.    

Want to Know More?

If you are curious to know more about top B2B Lead Generation solutions, Albacross has recently published a detailed guide to the most prominent B2B Lead Generation software of 2019. These tools can strengthen your lead pipeline in various ways while working simultaneously with your B2B Sales provider or your in-house Sales department.  See their article here. 

For more information and detailed comparison, please visit  https://martal.ca/top-lead-generation-companies/

What does a successful partnership with a B2B lead generation company look like?

While a consistent flow of high-quality leads and qualified appointments are certainly the hallmarks of a successful partnership, a relationship built on trust and transparency is also essential. Many of our clients experienced short-term success with previous lead gen companies, but once the pipeline dried up, there was no clear communication on how to fix the flow. Long-term success is both teams working collaboratively to foresee potential roadblocks and overcome adversity.

Edd Young, Vice President of Sales Operations

Customers Also Ask

  1. What is a B2B lead generation agency?
    A B2B lead generation agency aims to help your company meet sales goals by filling your funnels with sales-ready leads. This is achieved by providing experienced SDRs who attract, engage, nurture, and qualify leads through various marketing and sales strategies. No two B2B lead generation service providers are the same, as each firm has its own mix of tactics, tools, and talent. When vetting potential lead generation partners, you must ensure their services and strategies match your objectives and timeline.
  2. Where do most B2B leads come from?
    Most B2B leads come from three marketing channels: email, social media (LinkedIn), and blogs; however, 57 percent of c-level executives and VPs prefer phone conversations making cold calling a relevant lead generation tactic even in today’s digital era.
  3. How much does a B2B lead cost?
    The B2B cost per lead (CPL) varies drastically depending on the industry and marketing channel. Over a wide range of industries and channels, the overall CPL average is $136. B2B tech leads are comparatively more expensive, with SaaS costing between $164 to $310, while IT and managed services are a whopping $388 to $617 per lead.

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Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
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