Why Omni-Channel Lead Generation Works

What does Omni-channel Mean? 

Omni is Latin for ‘all’. Omni-channel simply means that you use all of your channels, that blend into  one cohesive experience. For example, using an omni-channel retail strategy means using your social media, in-store service, online retail platform and advertising to attract prospects through the various stages of your sales funnel. 

How Does it Apply to Lead Generation?

Omni-channel lead generation is the process of using various channels to reach out to potential prospects and draw them in. For example, we find potential prospects by using intent data based upon our client company’s target customer profile. After that, we send cold emails offering their products/services and follow up with cold calls. Our fractional sales executives then engage our client’s prospects on platforms like LinkedIn in order to provide a seamless transition of mediums within the sales funnel. The most important element of our omni-channel campaigns is  human interaction, because qualified leads need to feel they are being taken seriously. Our sales reps have an average of 5 years of experience, guaranteeing quality service for your team. They seamlessly become part of your team in order to increase our understanding of your company’s specifics.  We use omni-channel campaigns that have up to 12 touch points with every prospect to maximize prospect engagement and retention. 

How is it Different from a Multi-Channel Lead Generation? 

The main difference between a multi-channel campaign and an omni-channel one is that the latter changes according to the prospect targeted. The  prospect  is put at the centre of the campaign instead of the company. Rather than having a system which treats every prospect the same way, we have sales reps who engage them with personalized sales campaign cycles. Multi -channel lead generation aims to use as many channels to market their product, however omni-channel lead generation aims to use as many channels to reach out to prospects and have personalised interactions. This helps the lead generation relationship become more natural. For example, when a prospect responds to an email or a LinkedIn invite sent by us, they then get a follow up call by our sales reps. This difference makes omni-channel lead generation  more engaging

Why is it Effective? 

Omni-Channel lead generation campaigns work because they are tailored to attract the attention of each specific prospect. It’s a much more direct approach that converts a much higher amount of leads.  A report by Omnisend  estimates that omni-channel campaigns fare 250% better at  converting customers  than single channel campaigns. Furthermore, Omnisend also reports that companies that used three or more channels in their marketing campaigns achieved a 90% higher  customer retention  rate over marketers who used one channel. This is because omni-channel campaigns achieve a higher engagement rate and higher rate of customer satisfaction. The omni-channel approach feels smoother, more personal and engaging for your prospects, which is why it is a very effective lead generation strategy. 

Vito Vishnepolsky
Vito Vishnepolsky
CEO and Founder at Martal Group