The Guide to Writing Value Propositions For B2B Tech Companies

Think back to the last big investment you made. Be honest with yourself. Was there a moment right before you pulled the trigger when you wondered, “Is this really a good idea?” Now, think back to a time when you didn’t have that moment of doubt nagging in the back of your mind. With childlike […]

  • Storytelling – a many-sided marketing method

    The term storytelling describes a very old cultural technique and a modern phenomenon. Storytelling in marketing and communication of companies has proven to be an effective strategy to attract customers and involve employees. Storytelling booms nationwide: professional artists and amateurs tell traditional or freely invented stories at contests and festivals. Storytelling is used as a […]

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  • Relevant web content increases the number of customers and visitors

    Search engines such as Google, increasingly go for target group specific content. Google users should receive a result that is individually tailored to their search inquiry. Google is increasingly relying on the direct delivery of matching keywords and information that are directly displayed to the Google user in the search result. As a result, SEO […]

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  • Creating Online Lexica and Online Glossaries

    Online glossaries and lexica generate more SEO Traffic and higher Conversion Rates Corporate identity, crossmedia and workflow, resilience and synergy – the language of the modern world teems with Anglicisms, buzzwords and special terms whose meaning is not immediately clear to everyone. Online lexica and online glossaries can provide relief where internet surfers or media […]

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